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Sacred Love (2/2)

Genre : Angst, romance

Pairing : Tora/Saga

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Warning : Character death

Summary : Life is unfair and fate can be so cruel. That’s a fact that we can’t change.

Tora burst into their bedroom only to find an empty space, Saga wasn’t there. Without any second thought, he ran outside and calling Saga’s name, searching for him everywhere. But Saga is nowhere to be found.

With unsteady steps, Tora heading back home. He tried to clear his mind and think rationally. What happened, Sagacchi?! Why did you leave me, what have I done wrong?! Tears begin to fall from the corner of Tora’s eyes. I won’t be able to forgive myself if something bad happened to you..

Tora is getting more agitated when he realized that Saga didn’t take any of his clothes or other stuff for his daily needs. God gracious! Sagacchi, why in the world did you only take Doraemon plushie with you, huh?! What the hell are you doing?! Baka!!

He went to the police station to report a missing person and also to every hospitals in Tokyo, asking if there’s any patient match to Saga’s profile. But everything is in vain and Tora is totally clueless. He still can’t believe that Saga is disappeared just like that, vanish into thin air.


There’s not a second goes by without Tora thinking about Saga. How can I sleep or eat properly if I have no idea where you are and keep on wondering if you are safe.. Sagacchi, please comeback to me. I beg you..just comeback.

Tora is a mess. His best friends, Shou and Hiroto were trying to console his anxious heart but nothing seems to help. It’s only Saga’s presence that Tora ever wanted.

“Tora-kun, you must have faith in Saga-kun. He promised that both of you will meet each other again, so be patience. Don’t destroy yourself like this..” said Shou as he patted Tora’s shoulder. “I’m so scared if something bad happened to him. He’s mute, for God’s sake! How will he be able to defend himself?! Chikusho!!” Tora shouted.

Hiroto hugged Tora, “Calm yourself down, Tora-kun. Saga-kun will be sad if he see you like this.. He asked you to take good care of yourself, didn’t he? Then you should do that, don’t disappoint him. I agree with Shou-kun, Saga-kun knew what he’s doing and he will meet you again. Hold on to that, okay?”

Tora sighed heavily, “I knew you’re right. But damn, I miss him badly..”

“I understand and I’m sure Saga-kun miss you too. You’ll see him again, keep that in your mind,” said Hiroto sincerely.


Two weeks later, Tora is about to go to work when suddenly he heard someone knocking the door. He open it and saw a man in his early 30, dressed like a young CEO in some exclusive company.

Konnichiwa, are you Tora-san?” asked the man as he bowed politely.

“Yes. And you are?”

“My name is Murai Naoyuki but you can call me Nao. I’m a friend of Saga-kun and..”

“Saga?! Do you know where he is?!” Tora cut Nao’s sentence before he could finish it. Nao nodded, “Yes. Saga-kun asked me to pick you up.” Without any hesitation, Tora grabbed his coat and locked the door, “Let’s go!”

Both of them sit in the backseat of a black Jaguar XJ when the driver start the engine and drive away. “Nao-san, is Saga alright? Where is he actually? And how did you two know each other?” Tora asked impatiently.

“Saga-kun is safe and sound. We were childhood friends, I was like a big brother for him,” Nao replied without even looking at Tora.

Tora glared at Nao, “If you’re like a big brother for Sagacchi then why did you let him to live alone on the street, huh?! Don’t you care about him at all?!” Nao lowered his head and didn’t say anything.

“Hey, answer me!!” Tora yelled in anger. Nao sighed, “Tora-san, please calm down. I can’t say anything more. Soon you will meet Saga-kun and he will tell you everything you need to know.”

Tora scoffed and decided to say nothing more. It took more than an hour before the car turn left, heading to a blue-painted mansion. Did Sagacchi stay at Nao’s house this whole time? Gosh! You can at least text me..

“We are here. Please follow me, Tora-san,” Nao said as he entered the mansion. There’s an old man standing in the spacious living room. “Tora-san, before you meet Saga-kun, I’d like to introduce you to Fujiwara Kazuhiro-san.” Tora is a bit puzzled but he still keep his good manners so he bow politely and introduce his name.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Tora-san. Do you mind if I called you that?” asked the old man friendly. “No, sir. I don’t mind.” “Saga-kun told me all about you. I would like to thank you personally for everything you’ve done for him. I really appreciate it, Tora-san,” he bowed, making Tora feel awkward.

Nao cleared his throat, “If you’re ready, I’ll take you to Saga-kun.” Tora nodded his head eagerly, “I’m more than ready. Please take me to him, Nao-san.”

Tora following Nao to the first floor of the mansion. They didn’t exchange any words, only the sound of their shoes echoes in the marble hallway. Nao stopped in front of a room with a white door, “You can come inside now, Saga-kun is expecting you. I’ll be waiting downstairs.”

Tora felt nervous and excited at the same time, he can’t wait to see his precious Saga. So he knocked the door and open it. But the wide smile on Tora’s face suddenly disappeared and turned into a shriek.

Saga was lying on the bed with Doraemon plushie next to him, an oxygen mask covered his mouth and nose. His eyes were slowly open when he heard Tora’s footsteps approaching him and his lips curved into a weak smile. Tora swallowed an imaginary lump in his throat, trying hard to keep his tears from falling as he sit on a chair next to Saga’s bed.

“Sagacchi..what happened to you?” Tora asked with quavering voice, “You’re sick, let’s go to the hospital..” Saga shook his head and pointing his finger to the nightstand. Tora saw a blue envelope with his name written on it. “A letter?” Saga nodded as he took a pen and the notebook with his trembling hands.

I’m very happy to see you, Tora-kun.

“Me too, Sagacchi..I was so worried about you. Why did you leave just like that? Did you mad at me?” Tora bite his lips, struggling to muffle his cry.

No, I never mad at you. I have to take care of everything before it’s too late.

“What are you talking about? Sagacchi, don’t scare me like that!” Tora felt chills running down on his spine.

Tora-kun, will you please promise me one thing because this is very important for me. Saga staring at Tora with pleading eyes on his pale face. “Of course I will. I will do everything for you, even giving you my life if you want me too..” he replied with croaky voice.

Promise me you will do everything I asked you to do in that letter. Without any hesitation Tora nodded, “I will, I promise you I will. Now let’s go to the hospital, you will be better there than staying here, Sagacchi.”

Saga shook his head weakly. My doctors are here and you are also here with me. I have everything I need now. Tora-kun, I’m very sorry I can’t go with you to visit your mother.

This time Tora can’t stand it anymore, he burst into tears, “Yes you can! If your doctors are here then they must be able to cure you or I’ll make them suffer! You will be okay and we will always be together! Do you hear me?!” Tora bawled as he holding Saga’s scrawny hand.

They did everything they could, Tora-kun. And I will always be with you, safe and sound in your heart. “Stop saying things like that, Sagacchi! Please don’t leave me, just stay with me forever! I love you very much..” Tora crying and pleading in remorse, cursing the fate for being so cruel to them.

Tora-kun, you’re everything for me. Please don’t forget that. Saga slowly took his oxygen mask off, smiling weakly as his face drained from color. He coughed a bit before he opened his mouth and whispered, “Ai..shi..teru, To..ra-kun..”

His pupils were dilated and the heat emanating from his body soon turned into a gush of ice-cold feel. A final deep intake of breath and a long sound of air being exhaled followed. Saga is gone.

Tora was as still as a rock next to Saga’s lifeless body. He was shocked and it took a few seconds before his brain able to realize what just happened a moment ago. Tora begin to howled like a wounded tiger, his voice echoing within the mansion.

He wailed in sorrow, screaming at the top of his lungs, refused to accept the fact that Saga is dead. The doctors and a nurse were rushing in, followed by Nao and mr. Fujiwara. Nao pulled Tora away so the doctors can do their job but Tora seems to lose his sanity. He kicked around and screamed, his mouth only letting out strangled shrieks of 'Saga!'

But then his vision became blurry and the world around him faded into a black abyss.


Today is Saga’s funeral and Tora standing in front of his coffin, surrounded with dozens of white roses. His mind is wandering around as he watch Saga’s beautiful face for the very last time. Saga looks perfect, his eyes were closed and his lips formed a permanent smile, it’s like that he was just in a deep slumber.

Time goes by so fast and now that you’re gone, leaving me behind..my lovely Sagacchi.

“Tora-san, are you ready?” Nao’s voice interrupted his reverie. Tora nodded and grabbed his guitar. He took a deep breath as he sit next to the coffin. “Sagacchi, I’ll play your favorite song. I wish I can sing it too but I knew I won’t be able to sing properly in this condition..” Tora whispered.

He begin to strumming his guitar and play ‘The Second You Sleep’ perfectly even though tears streaming down his face. His eyes were bloodshot and inflamed as his tears cascaded down his flawless cheek.

The funeral was over and yet, here he was, kneeling down to the ground. Dirt was clinging to his pants and to his shoes, but Tora didn’t care, for all that mattered to him now was his presence – and the utterly deafening silence of the freshly made grave before him.
“Hey..” he muttered, reaching out a trembling hand to the picture on the gravestone, “I’m gonna miss you.” Tora caressed the gravestone as he read Saga’s real name. Sakamoto Takashi..you had a beautiful name, Sagacchi.

“He was a good kid,” suddenly he heard Nao’s voice. “I wish I knew him better..” Tora replied. “Tora-san, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you everything you want to know at that time in the car. It was Saga-kun’s request. He specifically told me to tell you everything I know about him after his death.” Tora staring at Nao with puffy eyes, “Please do..I don’t even know what kind of disease he had. He never told me about himself actually. He just said that he lived alone and he forgot everything.”

“Saga-kun suffered from alveolar capillary dysplasia with misalignment of pulmonary veins, a rare and deadly developmental disorder of the lungs. It’s a genetic disorder and usually kills the infants born with it within the first month of life. We never thought that Saga-kun was able to reach his 19th birthday.”

Nao sighed, “He was the only child of Sakamoto family and his mother passed away when he was 8 years old. His father was the owner of Sakamoto Trading Company with branch office all around the world.”

Tora frowned, “The Sakamoto company?!” Nao nodded, “Saga-kun was very weak when he was a child so he got private tutors from the best teachers in this country. He was a smart kid, very bright and intelligent with good character. He would be a perfect successor for his father. I was his only friend and we knew each other because my father was his father’s lawyer.”

“One year ago, they got a horrible accident and his father died instantly. Since then Saga-kun is traumatized and became mute. His disease is getting worse and one day, he sent me a letter. He wrote that I have to trust him and to respect his last wish. I almost got a heart attack when I read that Saga-kun wants to live like common people so he can find the meaning of his life. He told me not to search for him because he will contact me when the time is come for me to pick him up and bring him home.”

Nao wiped the tears that fell from his eyes, “Crazy, isn’t it? He was gone when I arrived at his mansion and I keep blaming myself. I felt guilty as hell but there’s nothing I can do except to do his last wish. Until two weeks ago, I received a text message from him and I came as fast as I could to pick him up. His condition was bad and he keep on vomiting blood. It was a miracle that the doctors were able to keep his condition stable.”

Tora covered his face with both of his hands as he weeping, “Oh God, if only I knew..I would have brought him to the hospital directly.”

Nao patted Tora’s shoulder gently, “Tora-san, Saga-kun told me that the last 2 months he spent with you is the happiest moment in his life. You were his first love and you made him feel complete. You love him for the way he is, without even knowing his real identity and his disease. It was a pure and sacred love.”

Tora sobbing softly, trying to soothe his mournful heart. “Tora-san, have you read the letter Saga-kun gave you?” Tora shook his head. “I understand, you need some time. This is my card and also mr. Fujiwara Kazuhiro’s card. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about Saga-kun or anything else,” said Nao as he handed him the business cards. Tora accepted the cards and mumbled ‘thank you’.

Back in his apartment, Tora tossed himself on the couch. Chickin jumped on his lap and licking his face, as if trying to comfort his master. Tora patted Chickin’s head gently, “Sagacchi is gone, Chickin-chan. He is in heaven now..” Chickin mewled softly. Tora sighed, this house reminds him of Saga.

I miss you so much, Sagacchi. But I must be strong because I promised to do something you asked me to. He took the blue envelope from his coat, opened the seal and begin to read it with a great sadness in his heart.

My beloved Tora-kun,

I apologize for making you worry and leaving without proper good bye. The truth is, I’m running out of time. But even with my health issues, I still considered myself very lucky because I have you in my life. You protect me, take good care of me and showered me with unconditional love, so pure and honest.

Tora-kun, the days I spent with you were just like dreams, a very beautiful dreams. I didn’t want to wake up but I have to. I wish I could stay with you forever but that’s impossible. But then I knew I will always be in your heart and that what makes me strong.

Tora-kun, I choose you to become my only heir. You will inherit everything I have and become the owner of Sakamoto Trading Company. I have arranged everything and all the documents are already legalized. This is your chance to achieve your dream and become a successful businessman. Nao-kun is my lawyer and Kazuhiro-san is my right hand in the company, they will help you and you can trust them.

I knew I made the right decision and Sakamoto Trading Company will become even more progressive and successful in your hand. You will be a good leader.
I’m so proud of you, Tora-kun and now it’s your time to make your parents also proud of you.

Please be strong, for me, for my parents and for your own parents. I will be your guardian angel and waiting patiently for you until the time is come for us to be together again.

I love you very much, Tora-kun. Forever and always.

Love, hugs and kisses,

Your Sagacchi


Sacred Love (1/2)

Genre : Angst, romance

Pairing : Tora/Saga

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Warning : Character death

Summary : Life is unfair and fate can be so cruel. That’s a fact that we can’t change.

It’s almost 01.30 a.m. when Tora walking along the busy street of ‘the sleepless town’ Kabuki-cho. He lit his Marlboro menthol and inhale it deeply. He didn’t regret his decision to refuse the celebration of his birthday. It was a hectic evening in the club where he work as a host and now all he ever wanted is just to go home and get some sleep. He accelerate his pace to the station when he felt the raindrop fell from the dark sky above his head.

Oy, baita! You are good for nothing! How can you have no money at all, huh?!” the loud voice of a drunken man in the small alley nearby the station caught Tora’s attention.

“Hey Shinosuke, we smacked him quite hard but he didn’t make a sound at all! Is he mute or something?”

The guy called Shinosuke scoffed, “I don’t give a shit if he’s mute or just an idiot! All I want to do is to fuck him hard! Right here, right now! His girly face is freakin’ tempting, making me so damn horny!”

The second guy laughed like a crazy hyena, “Just do it then! When will you get any chance to fuck such a pretty porcelain doll like that, huh?!”

Shinosuke begin to unzipped his pants and yanked the boy’s hair, “Little slut, open your sexy mouth and suck my dick!”

Hottoke yo!! Leave him alone, hentai yaro!!” Tora screamed in anger.

Omae wa dare da?! It’s none of your fucking business!!” Shinosuke replied, feeling mad and annoyed because someone bothered him. “Or perhaps you just want to join us in this feast, huh?! Then shut up and wait for your turn, otherwise Ryou and me will beat you to death!”

With a quick move, Tora gave a hard strike to Shinosuke’s face and before Ryou could do anything, Tora kicked him right in his crotch. His judo skills never failed him even once. Tora fight like an angry tiger, strong and fearless. Without any difficulty, he’s able to defeat those two bastards, making them running in fear.

Tora kneeled in front of the boy and saw the blood flowing from his nose and the corner of his lips, staining the boy’s white shirt. He looks petrified and confused at the same time.

“Don’t be scared, okay? I’m not gonna hurt you,” said Tora softly as he handed his handkerchief, “Use this for your bleeding nose.” The boy only staring at Tora blankly. “Uhmm..do you understand what I’m saying? Can you hear me?” The boy nodded, making Tora sighed in relief.

“You can hear me but you can’t speak, am I right?” Once again the boy nodded. Tora staring at the boy’s eyes, wondering why are those eyes so beautiful and gloomy at the same time. He always believe that the eyes are the window to the soul.

“My name is Amano Shinji but everyone calls me Tora. Can you tell me your name?” Tora searching for something in his pockets. “Oh crap! I don’t have any pen or paper with me..”

The boy slowly reaching for Tora’s hand and using his index finger to write his name on Tora’s palm. S-A-G-A.

“Saga? Your name is Saga?” The boy nodded.

Tora grinned, “Cool! But what is your real name?” Saga shook his head.

“Well, how about your house? Where do you live?” The smaller boy only shrugged.

“You have no parents or family? Do you live on the street? Alone?” This time Saga nodded. “Have you any idea how dangerous it is for you to live alone on the street of Tokyo, especially here in Kabuki-cho?” Saga bite his lips and lowered his head.

Tora sighed heavily. What am I supposed to do now? Leave him just like that and go my own way? But what if something bad happen? Saga is mute, he was lucky this time but next time I don’t think he’ll survive.

The rain begin to fall, awaking Tora from his reverie. He took his black coat off and wrapped it around Saga’s frail body. “Come with me, Saga. We’ll go to my apartment and you’ll be safe there,” Tora holding Saga’s trembling hand as they walk away from the alley.


“Welcome to my apartment,” Tora said cheerfully as he open the door. His cat run to him and rubbing his head on Tora’s knees. “Oy Chickin-chan! Do you miss me or you’re just hungry?” Tora chuckled as he fondled Chickin lovingly.

“Saga, please come in, don’t be shy. Or are you afraid of cat?” Saga shook his head and Tora catch a glimpse of faint smile on Saga’s face as he kneeled on the floor and began to fondle Chickin gently. The cat purred and start to licking Saga’s hand, making the smile on Saga’s face even more visible now.

“He likes you,” Saga looking at Tora with a happy smile plastered on his pale face. That smile.. I want to see it more often.

“Saga, why don’t you take a shower now? I have a new tooth brush and some new boxer briefs, you can have them. You can also wear my pyjama..well, I guess it’s too big for you but at least you don’t have to sleep with dirty clothes.”

Saga giving a sign that he wants to write something. “Oh, you need pen and paper?” Saga nodded. Tora handed him a notebook and a pen. Saga immediately begin to write something on it.

Tora-san, thank you very much for saving my life, for everything. I really appreciate it. But I don’t want to be a burden for you so I promise I will leave your house before noon.

Tora frowned, “What the hell? Saga, listen to me carefully. First of all, if you are a burden for me then you won’t be here at this moment. I live alone and you have no place to go so you can stay here as long as you want. I really don’t mind. Second, don’t call me Tora-san. It makes me feels old,” Tora pouted, making Saga blushed and smiled sheepishly.

Gomennasai. I didn’t mean to make you feel like that. From now on I will call you ‘Tora-kun’, okay? And once again thank you for allowing me to stay at your house.

Tora chuckled, “That’s better. And I’ll call you ‘Sagacchi’, kawaii desu ne?” Saga nodded happily.

Half hour later Saga is done with the shower. “Sagacchi, I have a smaller bedroom but I use it as walk-in closet. I’m a host so my appearance is very important, you know. That’s why I have a lot of clothes and shoes. But don’t worry, I must throw some stuff that I don’t use anymore so it won’t be a problem. You can use that room as your bedroom.”

But I can sleep in the living room, Tora-kun. I really don’t mind.

“No, no, no. You won’t be able to sleep there because sometimes Chickin-chan running like a crazy in the middle of the night. Tonight you can sleep in my room. I’ve already prepared the futon for you. So you can take a rest now. Oh I have some ramen or bread in the kitchen if you’re hungry..”

Saga shook his head. “No? Okay then,” Tora replied. Saga looks better now, I hope he’ll be alright. Poor boy. He’s mute, living alone on the street and have no place to go. From now on, I will take good care of him.


“Aaaaahh! I always feel better after taking a shower..I really can’t sleep if I don’t do that,” Tora smiled to Saga who’s lying next to him, watching his every moves.

“You need some clothes and other stuff, right? Later we can go to Ginza, I’ll buy you all the things you need, Sagacchi.” Saga grab the pen and notebook as he lying on his stomach.

Now I really feel terrible. Tora-kun, I AM such a burden for you!

“What are you talking about? Don’t be ridiculous! Listen, I’m one of the most popular host in Kabuki-cho, everybody knows about Tora from Alice in Loveland Club. My income is above the average, not including the bonus and other expensive gifts from my loyal customers.”

Tora grabbed something and show it to Saga, “Here, look at this Hublot Big Bang Black Caviar 41mm. I got this amazing watch today as a gift for my birthday and last year she gave me a Cartier Chronoscaph 21 for my birthday. Another customer gave me a Hermés travel bag, Gucci white gold ring, etc. So don’t worry about the cash I’m about to spend for you, Sagacchi!”

Is today your birthday, Tora-kun?! Tora nodded.

Otanjoubi omedetougozaimasu. After he wrote it, Saga doing a dogeza bow, showing his biggest gratitude to honor Tora.

“Eeeehh! You don’t have to do the dogeza bow to me,” Tora felt awkward.

Saga smiled as he wrote something. It’s my only way to show you how grateful I am. I wish I can do more and giving you a nice present for your birthday..

Tora chuckled, “Well, maybe you are the present I received from God. So that Chickin-chan and I won’t be lonely in this house. Also you won’t be alone anymore because you have us now, Sagacchi.”

I’m so lucky to meet you, Tora-kun. I have a good feeling that everything will be fine because I have you in my life now. And Chickin-chan too, of course. Kekeke.

Tora nodded after he read it. Saga staring at Tora’s beautiful hazel eyes and carefully caressed Tora’s dark brown hair, making the latter smiled.

Tora holding Saga’s delicate hand and whispered, “Oyasuminasai, ii yume o mite ne.”


Ignoring Saga’s protest, Tora bought a lot of clothes and also a phone for him. “Sagacchi, when I’m not home and you need something, just text me. And if there’s an emergency situation, call me and I’ll come home right away, wakarimasu ka?” Saga nodded.

“Great. Now let’s go to Starbucks. I want to drink some coffee.” Tora ordered a grande hot cappuccino for himself and a grande hot caramel macchiato for Saga. “Sagacchi, do you want something to eat? You like pastries and cakes, right?”

Yes, I like it but I’d rather eat something else. “What do you want to eat?” With a bright smile and sparkling eyes, Saga wrote his answer quickly.


“Eeeehh?? Dorayaki??” Tora widened his eyes as Saga nodded eagerly. “Alright. Let’s go get some dorayaki.” Gosh! Sagacchi, do you have any idea how adorable you are??

Tora bought a box full of Dorayaki and gave it to Saga. Arigatou, Tora-kun. Itadakimasu! Saga begin to munch the dorayaki happily. Tora lit his cigarette and smiled as he enjoying the cute view in front of him. You don’t like it?

“Yes, I like it but it’s almost dinner time. When you’re finish eating dorayaki, we’ll go get some groceries. I’ll cook spaghetti tonight, that’s my specialty,” Tora replied after he read the notebook.

Yummy! But I can cook either, Tora-kun. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be the one who’s responsible for the household. I’ll clean the house, do the laundry, cooking, etc. Okay?

Tora nodded, “Okay! It’s a deal. Oh I always forgot to ask you this, how old are you, Sagacchi?”

I’m 19 years old. And you? “I’m 25 years old. Whoa! I thought you’re 16 years old..” Saga blushed. Tora-kun, you’re tall, handsome and a true fashionista. You really look like a celebrity. Lots of people looking at you in awe, especially the girls.

Tora smirked, “Hontou ni? Well, I do like fashion a lot but I’m not doing it to get people’s attention. Especially the girls. I’m NOT into them.”

Wouldn’t it be difficult with your job as a host if you’re not interested in girls? Saga looking at him curiously.

“On the contrary, it’s easier for me because I can be more fair and professional to them without being picky. I mean, I use my logic and not my heart. All the attention I give to my customers are sincere and honest, not because I want to take advantage from them and trust me, they can feel it. Perhaps that’s why I became one of the top list at Kabuki-cho,” Tora explained.

That’s a good mindset, Tora-kun. Now I know why you became one of the best host. Tora sighed, “Thanks but I’m not so happy about myself, Sagacchi.” Saga furrowed his eyebrows, he looks puzzled.

“I feel guilty to my parents, especially to my late father. He always worked very hard so that I can go to a good university. It was his dream and also mine, of course, to become a successful businessman. I studied hard to get the best grades and I succeed. But the lady luck is not on my side,” Tora inhale his cigarette and Saga could see the trace of sadness in Tora’s eyes.

“I applied everywhere for a decent job but always failed. I was so frustrated, I felt like nothing but a loser. Then my father was diagnosed for liver cancer stage 3. That was the turning point when I made up my mind that no matter how, I must make money to support my parents because I’m the only child. So when a friend of mine offered me the job as a host, I took it without any hesitate.”

Saga strokes Tora’s back to comfort him. “Before he died, my father told me that no matter what, he’s always proud of me. And I can do nothing but crying so hard at that time.. I felt so helpless and angry because all the money I made was not able to help him,” Tora said with hoarse voice, trying to hold back his tears.

Tora-kun, I understand how you feel. I really do. It’s very painful when you lost someone you love. And I also agree with your late father. Until now you do everything you can to support your family and that’s what life is all about, to survive. I’m very proud of you, Tora-kun.

Tora ruffled Saga’s hair gently, “Thank you, Sagacchi. I feel like an open book in front of you and I even can trust my life in your hand. Bizarre, right? But it’s a good thing though because it means my instinct have a faith in you.”


“And? What do you think about my spaghetti alla carbonara?” Tora asked curiously. Saga smiled cheerfully as he raised both of his thumbs up. Oishii! I really like it!

Tora grinned, “I’m glad you like it! Now I have to change my clothes and get ready for work. Sorry I haven’t got the time to tidy up the smaller room for you. I promise I will do that tomorrow.”

Saga quickly grabbed the pen and notebook. Uhmm..actually I’d rather to sleep together in your room, Tora-kun. I feel safe and sound when you’re with me, maybe it’s because I’m always alone. But if you don’t like it then I’ll sleep in the other room. Sorry for being impertinent like this.

Tora gawked, “Eeeh? Seriously?” He scratched his head, “Listen, I don’t mind but you know that I always come home around 02.00 a.m. and maybe you won’t be able to sleep well because of me.”

That’s okay with me, it won’t be a problem. Saga staring at Tora with hopeful eyes, making Tora chuckled. “Sagacchi, how can you be so cute, hmmm? I don’t think I can ever say ‘no’ to you,” said Tora as he pinched Saga’s cheeks playfully. Saga wrapped his arms around Tora’s body and give a peck on his cheek.


Time goes by and it has been more than a month since Saga lives together with Tora. They’re very happy because they complete each other.

Tora-kun, you can play the guitar? Saga pointing his finger to the guitar in the other room. “Yeah. But it’s been a while ago since I’ve played the guitar,” Tora replied. Will you please play it for me? “Now? Well..alright. What’s your favorite song, Sagacchi?”

Really?! Sugoi! My favorite song is The Second You Sleep by Saybia. Can you play it?

“That’s a nice song indeed. Okay, I’ll play it for you,” Tora sit on the couch while Saga sit on the floor with Chickin curled on his lap. With full of attention, he listened to the beautiful rhythm of the guitar. Tora played the guitar perfectly and Saga is totally fascinated. He clapped his hand passionately when Tora finished the song.

“I hope you like it,” Tora grinned. Are you kidding me? I LOVE IT! You’re amazing, Tora-kun! Thank you so much!

“You’re welcome. Hey, wanna come with me? I need to buy something for my mom because next month is her birthday. You can come along to Kanagawa if you want.”

Really? Of course I want to meet her but do you think it’s alright? Maybe she don’t like me because I’m just a homeless guy..

Tora hissed, “You’re not a homeless guy, silly. This is your house now. And don’t worry, I’m sure my mom will like you. Also because you can cook very well just like her,” Tora caressed Saga’s soft cheek, making the latter smiled. I will ask her the recipe of your favorite curry.

“Good idea. Let’s go to the shopping mall now.”


Tora noticed that Saga often had nightmares and became so restless in his sleep. One evening, Tora have to wake him up because Saga is crying badly, “Sagacchi, wake up. You’re having a nightmare..” Tora patted Saga’s shoulder softly. Saga jolted in surprise and gasping for breath.

Tora wipe the tears on Saga’s cheeks as he trying to soothe him, “It’s alright, it was just a bad dream. You’re safe with me now. I won’t let anything harm you, Sagacchi.” Saga staring at Tora with fear in his eyes. “Take a deep breath. Everything is okay, just relax and calm down..”

Tora pulled Saga to his embrace gently, “Shall I sing you a song, Sagacchi?” Saga nodded weakly as he snuggled closer to Tora.

“You close your eyes and leave me naked by your side
You close the door so I can't see the love you keep inside
The love you keep for me

It fills me up, it feels like living in a dream, it fills me up so I can't see
The love you keep inside, the love you keep for me..”

Tora stop for a while to give a kiss on Saga’s forehead before he continue to sing.

“I stay to watch you fade away I dream of you tonight
Tomorrow you'll be gone, it gives me time to stay
To watch you fade away
I dream of you tonight, tomorrow you'll be gone
I wish by God you'd stay..”

Saga’s eyes are half closed and somehow Tora felt an indescribable pain in his heart when he saw Saga crying full of sorrow like he did tonight.

“I stay awake, I stay awake and watch you breathe, I stay awake and watch you fly
Away into the night, escaping through a dream
I stay to watch you fade away, I dream of you tonight
Tomorrow you'll be gone
It gives me time to stay, to watch you fade away
I dream of you tonight, tomorrow you'll be gone
I wish by God you'd stay

I wish by God you'd stay..”

Tora sighed, Saga is asleep now. He don’t understand why Saga never told him about his nightmares. Sagacchi, instead of a flawless person, I want someone I can protect. And as long as I’m alive, I will always protect you. I will make you happy and I won’t let you shed tears of sadness anymore. I promise you that.


“Sagacchi, I have something for you! But first you have to close your eyes,” said Tora with a wide grin on his face. Saga closed his eyes obediently and Tora put something on his lap, “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

Saga gaped and widened his eyes in disbelief when he saw a big Doraemon plushie on his lap. “I thought you might like it because you told me once that you always watch Doraemon when you’re a kid. And I gave you this plushie so you can hold it in your sleep when I’m at work.”

Saga embrace both Tora and the Doraemon plushie. Tora-kun, you’re so sweet! Thank you. It’s very soft, I really like it!

Tora pout as he teased Saga, “But I got a feeling that Doraemon will replace me and you will cuddle him more than me. Oh no, what have I done? I shouldn’t give you the plushie..”

Saga smiled as he put Doraemon aside and wrapped his arms around Tora’s neck. He rubbed his cute nose against Tora’s nose and kiss his lips. Tora playfully licking Saga’s lips, “You taste so sweet, Sagacchi..” he murmured. Saga parted his lips, allowing Tora to explore his hot cavern. Their kiss was so deep and intense when all of a sudden Saga pushed Tora away.

Saga covered his mouth as he let out a soundless sneeze. “Are you alright? Lately you’re coughing and sneezing a lot, Sagacchi. Perhaps we should go to the doctor..” said Tora as he pressed the back of his hand on Saga’s forehead. “I guess you even got a fever.”

Saga smirked as he shook his head. It’s just a cold. Please don’t worry about it, Tora-kun. I’ll make some miso soup with scallions, that’ll help. Tora sighed, “You should sleep early tonight, Sagacchi. Take a good rest, okay? I don’t want you to get sick.” Saga nodded.

“I’m going to work now. Don’t hesitate to text me if you need anything,” Tora hugged Saga tightly, he’d prefer to stay home with him but of course he can’t do that. I’ll be fine, Tora-kun. I have Chickin-chan and Doraemon with me. Be safe on your way there, okay?

Tora sighed as he cupped Saga’s lovely face, “I’ll try to come home early, Sagacchi.” Saga nodded as he smiled beautifully.

After eating his dinner, Saga sit in front of the TV to watch some variety shows. He got terrible headache and nausea so he went to the toilet, vomit everything he ate. Saga panting heavily and sit on the floor.

It took a while before he could stand up and walking slowly to the dining table. He took a deep breath as he wrote something on the notebook. After he finished, he grab the phone and begin to write a text message.


Tora did come home early that evening. “Oy Chickin-chan, don’t make too much noise, okay? Sagacchi must take a good rest,” he whispered to his cat. But unlike usual, Chickin was so jumpy as if something is not right.

“What’s wrong with you? Did you run out of food?” Tora walk to the kitchen to feed Chickin when suddenly he saw a letter on the dining table. A bad premonition begin to cross his mind. With a trembling hand, he took the letter and read it carefully.


There’s not enough words to describe how grateful I am. You gave a new meaning in my life and I’m very thankful for everything you’ve done for me. I’m very sorry that I’m leaving just like that. But I promise we will meet each other again. Maybe even sooner than you think.

Please take good care of yourself and don’t worry about me. I know what I’m doing.




Genre : Fluff, romance

Pairing : Tora/Saga

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Summary : Usually Saga is a calm and patience kind of guy but once he gets angry, this cute little kitty will turn into a fiery tigress.

“I’m home!” Tora took off his shoes and wear his favorite black slipper. “Meeooww!” Chickin run to his master, wanting him to pet his fluffy body. Tora smiled and petting Chickin lovingly, making the cat purred. Suddenly he heard something is being thrown to the floor.

Chikusho! Baka!” Saga cursed in anger. Tora rushed to the living room only to find his angry lover sitting on the couch, busy with the nail polish remover.

Doushita no, Sagacchi?” Tora picked up the small bottle of black nail polish on the floor. “I thought this Chanel Black Satin is your favorite nail polish but now you’re abusing it?” “This is the third time I messed up! I can do perfectly to my right hand but when I do to my left hand, it’s a disaster!” Saga snapped.

Tora smiled patiently. My Sagacchi is still having a bad mood.. He pulled Saga gently off the black leather couch, “Have you remove the rest of the nail polish completely?” Saga nodded. “Then wash your hand and I’ll apply the nail polish for you. Okay?”

After Saga washed his hands, he sit next to his handsome lover. “Please do it properly..” Saga mumbled.

“Your wish is my command, Sagacchi,” Tora give a peck on Saga’s hand before he apply the black nail polish. “I always like your lanky fingers, they’re so pretty.” Saga only shrugged without giving any answer. Tora knew that lately Saga is upset about something and he’s also a type that not easy to spill his heart out even to Tora, his own lover.

“It’s done! Look at them, kawaii desu ne?” Tora smiled brightly while Saga looking at his nails and muttered ‘thank you’.

Tora stroke Saga’s dark blonde hair, “Sagacchi, please tell me what’s bothering you..”

“Nevermind. Just forget it!” Saga scowled. Tora took a sip of his Oolong tea and sighed, “I knew you very well, Sagacchi. Please tell me what I’ve done wrong because you’re being so cold to me lately.”

Saga rolled his eyes as he laughing cynically, “Nani yo? If you knew me very well then you should’ve known why I’m acting like this, Tora-kun!”

“But I can’t read your mind, that’s why I’m asking you.”

“We only have two weeks off before we must prepare Alice Nine tour, remember?! And we were free since three days ago! I thought we could do something fun together but no, you are still busy with your work! It’s damn annoying!” Saga is angry now.

Usually Saga is a calm and patience kind of guy but once he gets angry, it will be nasty. Tora took a deep breath, “ Sagacchi, I told you before that Shou asked me to help his new project so I..”

“As always, you do everything for Shou!! Shou want this..Shou need that.. Always Shou!! It seems that he is the most important thing in your life!!” Saga scolding Tora, making the latter gawked.

Nan da yo?! You are the most important thing in my life, Saga!!” Saga knew if Tora called him ‘Saga’, it means the situation is serious but hell, he’s also furious so let’s just spit it out then.

“Do you know how it makes me feel, Tora?! I’m your lover but you’d rather spend your time with Shou than with me!! Is that because he’s prettier and cuter than me?! Just tell me honestly if you want to break up!! Don’t you dare to deceive me!!” Saga screamed at the top of his lungs.

Tora shook his head firmly, “I will never deceive you, Saga. And you fucking know that!”

Saga hissed, “Hontou ni desu ka?! Well, it’s kinda’ hard to believe because several times on the interviews, you always said that you’d choose Shou as your lover!! Never even once you mentioned my name!! Is that how you really feel, Tora?! That you actually wanted Shou to be your lover?!”

Yamero yo, Saga! It’s enough! Shou and I are just friends and I never wanted him to be my lover! You are the one that I ever wanted and nobody else! You’re beautiful, cute, sexy, kind and smart. You make me happy and make my life complete! And that’s the truth..” Tora cupped Saga’s face, “I love you very much, Sagacchi.”

Saga lowered his head, didn’t know what to say. Tora pulled him to his embrace and strokes Saga’s back gently, “From now on, I promise I’ll say your name if someone ask me about those lover thing. I really don’t have any specific intention when I said I want Shou to be my lover, I just thought it’s easier because we were old friends and he knew exactly I never meant that.”

“I’m sorry, Sagacchi. I never want to hurt your feelings. Gomennasai.”

Saga staring at Tora’s beautiful hazel eyes, trying to find any traces of lies which is nowhere to find. Saga sighed, buried his face deeper in Tora’s neck and tightened his grip to his lover’s body.

“Sagacchi, I also have something important to tell you,” Tora whispered in Saga’s ear.


“We have to pack our things.”

“Pack our things? Naze desu ka?” Saga asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Because tomorrow morning we will go to Koriyama. I’ve already booked the biggest and the most comfortable room at Shikisai Ichiriki hotel. We will spend our days relaxing and doing whatever you wanna do there. You really love your hometown, do you?”

“Kyaaaaaa! Seriously?!” Saga widened his eyes and squealed happily.

Tora chuckled as he nodded, “Yup! Do you like it?”

Saga giving sweet kisses all over Tora’s face, “I’m very, very happy and excited! It’s been a while ago since I visit Koriyama and now it’s even better because you will come along! Oh, I want to eat usukawa manju, mamadoru and yubeshi! Mmmmm..yummy!”

Suddenly Saga startled, “Wait a minute! How about Chickin-chan?! Who will take care of him while we are away?”

“I’ve asked Hiropon to take care of Chickin-chan and he’s more than happy to do that,” Tora replied as he rubbing his nose to Saga’s nose, making the latter giggles.

Wakatta! Oy Chickin-chan, otosan and okasan will go for a while so don’t be naughty, okay? Okasan will give you a nice candy if you behave yourself,” Saga lifted Chickin to his chest and give a peck on Chickin’s cheek.

Tora grinned, he’s always fond the way Saga called themselves ‘otosan’ and ‘okasan’ for their cat. Sagacchi is just too cute! A very cute okasan!

“Sagacchi, don’t forget to bring the purple kimono I gave you last month.”

Saga raised his eyebrows, “Oh? Do you want me to wear the kimono there? But it’s a ladies kimono that you gave me, remember?”

Tora winked his eyes, “Yes. I love to see you in that kimono and I want you to wear it in the evening, only for my pleasure. I won’t let anybody else enjoying the beautiful view of my pretty lover wearing a kimono.”

With his mischievous smile, Saga sensually approaching Tora and sit on his lap. He buried his nails on Tora’s scalp as he whispered in Tora’s ear, “So you want me to be your kinky geisha and doing naughty things with you? Hmmmm?”

Tora groaned when Saga begin to lick his earlobe. “You little tease!” Tora muttered as he grope Saga’s curvy ass. “I’ll bring the handcuffs and the rest of the bondage kit. Be prepared, for I will ravish you, pretty boy! Oshiri pen pen!

Saga can’t hide his excitement when he heard Tora’s ‘warning’, he’s starting to grind his hips and whispered, “Bed! Now!” Without thinking any further, Tora lifted Saga’s slender body and carry him to their room.

“You asked for this, baby!” Tora mumbled as he crashed his lips on Saga’s pink lips. “Tomorrow you’ll definitely have a sore ass!”


Spider Lily (3/?)

Genre : Romance, angst

Pairing : Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)/Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Summary : Finally Jiyong met the love of his life. But their happiness didn’t seem to last forever..

Jiyong didn’t sleep well that night, feeling uneasy and disappointed. Seunghyun hyung didn’t call me although he said he will. Is Claudia his girlfriend? But why did he say that he likes me? But then, it’s universal, it’s a common thing to say that you like someone or something, right? My fantasy makes me irrational.

The next day, Youngbae and Seungri went to Jiyong’s mansion. “Hey buddy! What’s with that face? You look so gloomy!” Youngbae ruffled Jiyong’s hair, making the latter grunted, “Yah! I hate it when you do that!”

“What’s wrong, hyung?” Seungri asked curiously. Jiyong told them everything about his unsuccessful surprise and about that woman. “Ah hyung, maybe it’s nothing to be worried about,” Seungri said as he popped some potato chips into his mouth. “How can you be so sure, Seungri? Perhaps they do have a relationship and he’s just playing around with Jiyong. You know, Jiyong-ie, I got a strange feelings about him from the very first time,” Youngbae snarled.

Jiyong lowered his head, “I still got a feeling that he is a good guy..” Seungri put his arm around Jiyong’s shoulder, “Don’t think too much about it. Hey, it’s warm so shall we swim?” Seungri said as he pointing his finger to the nice, big swimming pool at Jiyong’s backyard. “Yeah! Sounds great! Come on, Jiyong!” Youngbae trying to cheer Jiyong up. “Well, go ahead, guys. I’ll..” suddenly he felt the vibrate of his phone in his pants pocket. It’s Seunghyun hyung!  “I gotta take this,” Jiyong muttered as he walk to the study room.

“Yoboseyo,” Jiyong tried to sound cool and nonchalant.

“Hi Jiyong! How are you doing?”


“Listen, I’m sorry that I didn’t call you last night but I was quite late when I came home. So I thought you fell asleep already..”

“How do you know if you didn’t try?” Tsskk! I don’t sleep well because of you!

“At 00.30 a.m.? I really don’t want to disturb you at the wee hours.”

00.30 a.m.?! Hah! Obviously someone was having a great time last night! Jiyong sighed, “Whatever!” “Jiyong, are you mad at me?” Seunghyun asked carefully.

“Why should I? I’m not Claudia, your girlfriend so I have no rights to get mad at you,” Jiyong replied sarcastically.

“Huh?” Seunghyun dumbfounded, “No, you got it wrong. Claudia is not my girlfriend.”

“Yeah right! And she called you ‘sweety’ for no reason?” Jiyong hissed. My God! I sounds like a girl having PMS or something!

“When I first came here, Claudia did in love with me but I told her directly that I’m gay. After that we just became good friends and she called almost everyone at the office ‘sweety’. Yesterday after the happy hour at work, her boyfriend, Yunho, is supposed to pick her up but he had some meeting so she asked me to take her home and having dinner together with Yunho,” Seunghyun explained.

“Oh..” Jeez! I never thought about that!

“Jiyong, do you have something to do tonight?”

“Errr..no.” “Would you like to have dinner with me at my place?” asked Seunghyun enthusiastically. “Dinner at your place?” Jiyong repeated the question, not sure if he heard it right.

“Yup! I can cook, you know. Well, not Korean dishes but we can order it if you want.”

Jiyong smirked, “No, I’m curious about your cooking skill.” “I won’t let you down. What time shall I pick you up?”

“Hyung, I want to introduce you to my best friends. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Seunghyun replied.

“I’ll text you my address and you can come about one hour from now, okay?”

“Alright. See you soon, Jiyong!” Seunghyun hung up the phone with a wide grin on his face.


Seunghyun came right on time at Jiyong’s mansion. He looks handsome with black long sleeve and jeans, making Jiyong impressed more and more each time he sees him.

“Guys, meet Seunghyun hyung. Hyung, this is Youngbae and that is Seungri-ah,” Jiyong smiled brightly as he introduced his crush to his best friends.

“Hello everyone!” Seunghyun greets friendly. “Hello, Seunghyun hyung!” Seungri replied with a cheerful tone while Youngbae stared at Seunghyun with scrutinizing eyes. “Mind  if I called you just by name, Seunghyun?” Youngbae asked coldly. “No, I don’t mind,” Seunghyun replied with a calm tone.

“Youngbae-ah..” Jiyong felt uneasy. “Jiyong, I brought you something. I hope you like it,” Seunghyun handed him a box of Droste Tulips chocolate. “Oh, thank you. I love chocolate!” Jiyong happily accept the gift.

Youngbae took a sip of his cola, “Seunghyun, I heard a lot about you,” he said as he put the glass on the table. “Really? Well, I hope you heard good things about me.”

“I just want you to remember one thing, don’t fool around with Jiyong. Because if you do, you’ll be dealing with me and I won’t let you get away with that. Arasso?”

Seunghyun smiled, “And why would I fool around with Jiyong? I care about him as much as you do, Youngbae.”

Youngbae chuckled cynically, “Nice to hear that. But just keep it in your mind, I swear I’ll come after you if you hurt him.” “Youngbae-ah! Stop it!” Jiyong shouted. “Youngbae hyung, please calm down,” Seungri pleaded.

Seunghyun smirked, “Fair enough. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Youngbae stood up and grabbed his favorite Chrome Hearts hoodie, “Alright then. I’m leaving now, Jiyong. Nice to meet you, Seunghyun.”

“The pleasure is mine, Youngbae,” Seunghyun replied.

Jiyong shook his head, he just don’t get it why his best friend acting that way. “Ah, Jiyong hyung and Seunghyun hyung, I’ll leave too. It’s nice to meet you, Seunghyun hyung, I hope we will meet again. Have a nice weekend, guys!” Seungri bowed politely and walk to the door.

Jiyong sighed, “Hyung, I apologize for Youngbae’s rudeness. He is a good guy, you know. Maybe today isn’t a good day for him.”

“It’s okay, Jiyong. He’s just being protective to you, I understand that. You don’t have to worry,” Seunghyun patted Jiyong’s shoulder, “Shall we go to my place now?” Jiyong nodded, “I’ll go get my bag.”


“Welcome to my apartment, Jiyong,” said Seunghyun as he open the door. Suddenly a cute tabby cat run to them, well to Seunghyun actually. “Hello Diva!” Seunghyun greets the cat lovingly and took her to his embrace. “I didn’t know that you have a cat, hyung,” said Jiyong as he stroke Diva’s head gently.

“Are you allergic to cat?” Seunghyun asked worriedly. “No. I like cat also,” Jiyong giggles as Diva begin to lick Jiyong’s finger. “Lucky you, Jiyong. Usually this little lady don’t like strangers but it seems that she likes you.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Jiyong smiled as he scanning the living room. It’s a beautiful living room with minimalist style, dominated with earth tone color and some lovely plants decorating the room. The wooden floor makes the living room looks even more cozy and warm.

“You have a beautiful apartment, Seunghyun hyung and I really like your style. All the elements here reminds me of the nature,” said Jiyong, full with admiration. “Thank you. Do you want to drink something?” “A glass of water, please,” Jiyong replied.

Jiyong saw a picture of a lovely young woman with a small boy on her lap. “Who is she?” Jiyong asked when Seunghyun handed him the water. “My mother,” Seunghyun took the picture, a smile carved on his face as he remember the sweet memories he had with his mother.

“She’s beautiful, hyung. And that’s you, right?”

“Yeah, that’s me.”

Jiyong grinned, “You were a cute chubby boy back then.” Seunghyun laughed, “My mom can cook very well, that’s why I became so chubby. I miss her cuisine.” Jiyong saw a trace of sadness in Seunghyun’s face, making Jiyong wants to hug him.

“I’m sure you inherit her cooking talent, hyung!” Jiyong said cheerfully as he holding Seunghyun’s hand. Seunghyun smiled, “I’ll start to cook now. Do you like seafood?” “Yes! Yummy!”

“If you want, you can watch the TV while I’m cooking, Jiyong.”

Jiyong shook his head, “I want to stay with you in the kitchen. Maybe I can help you with something, hyung.” “Alright then,” Seunghyun replied as he wear the pink apron, making Jiyong giggles. “The pink apron suits you well!” “I can’t help it. Pink is always been one of my favorite color,” Seunghyun chuckled.

Seunghyun skillfully seasoning the salmon with the spices, cooking the rice, chopping the broccoli, red onion, carrot and also tomato, lettuce and cashew for the shrimp cocktail.

“Jiyong, will you help me with the plates?”

“Sure. Where do you put them?”

“In the first kitchen cabinet and you can find the utensils in the drawer right next to you.”

“Can I use these bamboo placemat?”


Jiyong put everything neatly on the dining table. “Okay, you can sit now. Let’s begin with the appetizer. Oh, I almost forget the wine!” Seunghyun grabbed two wine glasses and opened a 2006 La Vigne Blanche Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc. “Here you go. Cheers!” Seunghyun make a toast and took a sip of his wine.

“It’s a good wine, hyung!” Jiyong said as he savoring the taste of the wine in his mouth.

“Alright, here is the shrimp cocktail with whiskey sauce. Eet smakelijk! It means ‘enjoy your meal’ in Dutch,” Seunghyun explained.

“Ah, I see. You can be my Dutch tutor,” Jiyong replied as he eat the shrimp cocktail. “Sure, why not.” They keep on talking about everything and after a while, Seunghyun stood up to grill the salmon and prepared the vegetables.

“Jiyong, this is the main course. Grilled salmon with soy sauce, garlic and chili flakes, accompanied by rice with stir fried broccoli, carrot and red onion. I hope you like it.”

“Wow, it looks great! Just like the professional chef in those chic restaurant!”

“Looks can be deceitful, Jiyong. Perhaps it looks good but the taste is bad.”

Jiyong took a bite from his meal, “Hyung, it’s delicious! Did you also put some sesame oil in the vegetable?” he asked as he widened his eyes. Seunghyun nodded, “Do you like it?”

“Of course! How can you cook so well?”

“I’ve been living on my own since I was 18 so I must be able to cook, right? I don’t really like junk food.. well, I went to McDonald’s sometimes but I’d rather not to. Besides cooking is one of my hobby,” Seunghyun explained.

“Who knows, one day you will open your own restaurant!” “Yeah! Life is full of surprise, right? Do you want more wine?” Seunghyun asked as he lift the wine bottle.

“Yes, please.” Seunghyun poured the wine into Jiyong’s glass. “And for yourself?” Jiyong asked when he saw Seunghyun didn’t pour  the wine to his own glass. “One glass of wine is enough for me tonight because I have to drive you home later,” Seunghyun replied.

He is handsome, kind, mature and very responsible. I really want him to be my lover..

“Why are you grinning like that?” Seunghyun’s voice make Jiyong awake from his reverie. “Oh..eh, I was just thinking, do I get dessert?” Although I’d rather to have you as my dessert, only you with nothing on but whipped cream! Mmmm!

Seunghyun smiled, “Of course! I have mango pudding with nata de coco for the dessert. I remember that you are a mango monster, Jiyong!” The younger male laughed, “You knew me quite well, hyung.”

After they finished the dessert and put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, both of them sitting next to each other on the couch. Diva purred when Seunghyun stroking her soft fur and then curled herself into a ball on Seunghyun’s lap.

“She’s adorable..” Jiyong mumbled. “Diva can be naughty and act like a real ‘diva’ sometimes but I can’t imagine to live here without her. My little princess..” Seunghyun looked at his cat fondly.

Jiyong bite his lips. Okay, I’ll ask the big question now! “Hyung, do you have a lover?”

“No.” Yes!

“Will you be my lover?” Please say ‘yes’!

“Eh? Are you kidding?” Jiyong shook his head firmly, “I’m serious, hyung. Be my lover, okay?”

Seunghyun scratch his head, “Uh..well..” “What? Am I not good enough for you? You said that I’m cute and adorable, remember?” Jiyong frowned and pouted at the same time, making Seunghyun chuckled.

“Jiyong, are you always so impulsive?” Seunghyun asked with a wide grin on his face.

“Yah! This is not an impulsive act! I’m in love with you since I saw you in the library!”

“Whoa! Seriously?” Seunghyun gaped, making Jiyong felt even more silly now.

“Hmppfh!!” Jiyong crossed his arms and looked away. Darn it! This guy is really..

Suddenly Seunghyun put his arm around Jiyong’s shoulder, “Okay. I’m your lover now, Jiyong.” Jiyong hissed, “Don’t play game with my heart, hyung! Did you say that only because you feel pity for me or something?!”

Seunghyun smiled as he caressed Jiyong’s soft cheek, “No, I say that because I have the same feeling as you. But I was a bit scared if it’s too soon and it will freak you out eventually.” Jiyong begin to smile now, “Let’s drink for that,” he raised his wine glass.

“Wait, I’ll go get the wine and some juice for me,” Seunghyun stood up and laid Diva carefully in her velvet cushion. “Hyung, drink the wine with me,” said Jiyong. “I can’t. I must drive, remember?”

“Don’t worry about that. I want to spend the night here with you. I already brought my toothbrush, shirt and extra undies. That means, we can drink together, right?” Jiyong winked his eyes and smiled mischievously.



Stay with me

Genre : Romance, (slight!) angst, fantasy

Pairing : Kyuhyun/Sungmin

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Summary : It’s dark and Sungmin is in the middle of the forest when he suddenly met Kyuhyun. Will he become Sungmin’s savior or on the contrary, will he harm him?

Huh? This is the third time I walk through the same path again! Great! I think I’m lost now! But how is that possible? I followed the map correctly..right? It’s dark and with the help from his flashlight, Sungmin trying to check the map he got from his teacher carefully.

Lee Sungmin, a sixteen years old boy is a student of Gaesung high school in Busan. He is a member of the boy scout club in his school and for the whole weekend, they camp at the Geumjeong mountain for some boy scout activity.

Now they’re on a mission to improve their courage and skill to find the right way to their meeting spot on the other side of the forest. They’re not allowed to use GPS or any other gadget, only the map and the signs from the nature itself. And eventhough they have their phone, it’s useless because they can’t get any signal up there.

Let’s see. I’m supposed to go to the south and if this is the west then it means..


Sungmin startled to hear that sound. What was that? He looks around but he didn’t see anything. Okay, calm down, Sungmin. It’s nothing to be wor..


He aimed his flashlight to the bushes a little further and suddenly he saw a brown rabbit jumped out of it.

Sungmin sighed in relieved, “Aish! Mr. rabbit, what are you doing here?” he kneeled on the ground while the rabbit watching him nonchalantly, busy scratching his long ears. “You’re a cute rabbit. Be careful, don’t let Shindong catch you, otherwise you’ll end up in the camp fire.” The rabbit wrinkled his pink nose and run away.

Sungmin chuckled and pour his attention back to his map. It’s 8.15 p.m. and I’m in the middle of the forest now. Normally it will take less than 3 hours to reach the meeting spot but since I took the wrong path then if I’m lucky, I’ll be there about 11 p.m. Yeah, come on, Sungmin! Fighting!

He’s walking through the deep forest. The sounds of the nature makes him somehow feels comfortable. How nice if I can live like this forever, just on my own, surrounded by the beauty of the nature and the lovely creatures. It’s so calm and peaceful. Unlike home..

Suddenly he catch a glimpse of light between the big trees. Huh? Did I see a light there or just my imagination? He heard footsteps coming closer and he saw a young boy about his age with flashlight in his hand. 

“Hi!” the boy greets him. “Hi..” Sungmin replied awkwardly.

“Are you lost your way?”

“I was but I guess I’m on the right path now.”

“Ah, okay. Are you a student of Gaesung high school?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

The boy smiled friendly, “I’m from Kyunggi high school. I saw a friend of yours about an hour ago, he told me that he’s a student of Gaesung high school and all of you are on a boy scout mission or something. My name is Kyuhyun, by the way.”

“I’m Sungmin. Nice to meet you, Kyuhyun. And I guess you met Eunhyuk back then,” Sungmin said. “Right! That’s his name, Eunhyuk.” Out of sudden, Sungmin felt few drops of water on his nose and his head, “Omo! It’s raining now!”

Kyuhyun grabbed Sungmin’s hand, “Come! I saw an old cabin back there!” Kyuhyun and Sungmin run toward the cabin as the rain poured from the dark sky. Both of them panting when they finally reach it.

It’s an old, small cabin with two windows. Moldy oak and musty scent filled the air of the cabin but at least they can use it as a temporary shelter until the rain stop. “I’m glad you knew about this place, Kyuhyun,” said Sungmin as he search for something in his backpack. “Yeah. It can be dangerous out there when it rains heavily like now. Here, I have also a candle,” Kyuhyun took a candle out of his backpack and lit it.

With the lights of two candles, both of them sit next to each other. “It’s kinda’ scary here in the mountain, don’t you think?” Kyuhyun asked. Sungmin shrugged, “Because it’s quiet and nobody’s around? I like it actually. The nature makes me feel complete because it’s..honest. And I can be myself here.”

Kyuhyun stared at the smaller boy, “When I saw you, I thought you’re a kind of boy that easy to get scared. For the ghost or something like that.” Sungmin giggles, “If I’m a scaredy cat then I won’t join the boy scout. About the ghost, I never see one in my whole life but to my own experience, I think human can even more worse than a ghost.” “Really? That’s interesting,” Kyuhyun chuckled.

Suddenly they heard the sound of Sungmin’s rumbling belly. “Your worms are calling,” Kyuhyun teased Sungmin, making the latter blushed, “I don’t eat the dinner properly because I was late. Let’s see, I have two Chocopies, a bag of Matdongsan and also Pepero. Which one do you like?”

“No, thanks. I’m not hungry, I’m just thirsty,” Kyuhyun replied. “Oh, I have strawberry milk and mineral water. Here,” Sungmin handed him the drinks. Kyuhyun smiled, “You’re a kind boy, Sungmin. But I have my own drink,” he grab a bottle of rose water. “Rose water? You drink that?” Sungmin frowned.

Kyuhyun nodded, “Always. It’s good for your skin, you know? Look at me as a living proof,” he winked his eyes playfully. Sungmin laughed, “You do have a beautiful skin, I admit.” “And a beautiful face, right?” Kyuhyun added as he grinned. “Yah! You’re so full of yourself!” Sungmin mumbled with mouth full of chocopies, making both of them laughed.

After a while, there’s still no sign that the rain is going to stop. “We are here for almost an hour and..” Sungmin begin to cough constantly. “Are you okay?” Kyuhyun asked as he pat Sungmin’s back carefully.

“Yeah, it’s just that I got asthma and when the temperature is so cold like now, I’ll be coughing and a bit choky. But don’t worry, I always take my inhaler everywhere I go.” With a quick move, Kyuhyun took off his jacket and put it on Sungmin’s frail body. “What are you doing? No, Kyuhyun. You’ll catch a cold,” Sungmin protested.

“Don’t worry about me,” Kyuhyun mumbled as he pulled Sungmin to sit closer to him, “Come here, if we sit closer like this, we will get more warmth from each other’s body.” Sungmin blushed, didn’t know what to say. He felt like a butterfly tickling his belly, giving that funny sensation in his body.

Kyuhyun parted Sungmin’s bangs that covered his face, “What is this?” Kyuhyun furrowed his eyebrows when he saw a bruise on Sungmin’s forehead. “Nothing!” Sungmin startled, “It’s was..uh, an accident! Yes, I was stumble over the door,” Sungmin trying to covered the bruise with his bangs again.

Kyuhyun glared at Sungmin as he reached for Sungmin’s right arm and squeeze it a bit hard. “Ouch! Kyuhyun!” Sungmin shrieked, a slight of fear came across his mind. “You did try to defense yourself, do you?” Sungmin bowed his head, didn’t dare to see Kyuhyun’s scrutinizing eyes.

Kyuhyun caressed Sungmin’s cheek and hug him gently, “Poor little thing. I won’t hurt you like that person did, Sungmin. Trust me.” Sungmin nodded weakly, feeling ashamed and empty at the same time. “Who did this to you?”

Sungmin sighed, “My stepfather.”


“He hate me from the beginning. He just want my mother and now they have their own children, I’m just an obstacle for them,” Sungmin sighed, “That’s why I always work after school and also in the weekend, so I can save some money. And when I’m graduate from high school, I want to move to Seoul or someplace else, I don’t care. I just want to live on my own.”

“And this boy scout activity is my only way to enjoy the nature which I love so much. Otherwise, I’m always busy with school and working. I hate school vacation because if I don’t have work, it means I must stay at home with my family.”

Kyuhyun felt a big grief to this boy, “Didn’t your mother say something to your stepfather when he abuse you? And how about your own father?”

Sungmin shook his head, “My mother didn’t dare to say anything. And I never met my own father because he abandon us when I was three months old.” “Sungmin, are you not afraid if you are living on your own, without your family and friends?”

“No. Why should I? I can do everything alone. I’m used to it,” he smiled bitterly.

Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin deeply in the eyes, “Do you trust me, Sungmin?” “Huh? Yes..I think, why?” Sungmin asked perplexedly. “Do you trust me with your life?” “Yes..” Sungmin replied, his eyes keep on staring at Kyuhyun’s dark orbs. 

The candles begin to flickering before they turned out completely, making the room almost totally dark if there’s no moon light shining through the window. Sungmin felt the shiver run all over his body as his heart pounding rapidly. He wanted to say something but his voice won’t come out so there’s nothing he can do except staring at Kyuhyun’s eyes whose slowly turned into light green and later begin to change into beautiful blue sapphire color.

It’s mesmerizing, it’s hypnotizing..and this scent, this particular scent filled the air. What is this scent?

Suddenly everything turned black.


Sungmin slowly opened his eyes when he felt the warm sunlight bathed his body. What a strange dream last night. Where am I? He glanced at the room, a beautiful room decorated with red, pink and orange chrysanthemum and also white tuberose.

The scent! Now I recognize it! It’s the scent of rose, jasmine and bergamot. And this room also reminds me of the bedroom of the royal family in Korean historical dramas. Yeah! I’m definitely still dreaming.

“No Sungmin, you are not dreaming,” he heard soft voice talking to him. “Eh?!” Sungmin’s eyes widened as he immediately sit on the bed. “Good morning,” Kyuhyun smiled beautifully to him.

“Kyuhyun? Where am I? What happened?”

“You’re in my kingdom. I brought you here last night.”

Sungmin scanning Kyuhyun’s appearance from the top of his head to the tip of his shoes.

“You look like the king in those ancient, fantasy movie thing! And your kingdom..are you a king or something? You said this is not a dream so..gosh, am I gone crazy?!” Sungmin blabbering, feeling confused and scared at the same time.

Kyuhyun chuckled, “No, you are not crazy. I am the God of Geumjeong mountain. And please don’t be afraid because I mean no harm. Would you like a cup of tea?” “Uh..yes, please.”

Kyuhyun handed him the pretty porcelain cup to Sungmin, “Here you go. I hope you like it.” “Thank you,” Sungmin took a sip of the tea, “Mmmm! This is the most delicious tea I’ve ever drink!” Kyuhyun smiled when he heard it.

“Kyuhyun..oh, I..I mean, Your Majesty. I’m sorry..” Sungmin covered his mouth, feeling guilty because he called the king of this kingdom only by name. “It’s alright, Sungmin. I don’t mind if you called me by my name. I make an exception for you,” Kyuhyun said calmly.

Sungmin took a deep breath, “This is really like a dream to me. I mean, wow..I met the God of the Geumjeong mountain! But why am I here? Am I dead now?”

“You are not dead, that’s for sure. And I brought you here because I want you to stay here with me but that’s only if you want to. I will not force you against your will, Sungmin,” Kyuhyun stopped for a moment.

“You see, I can feel your love and passion for the nature. You honor it with all your heart and I cherish you for that. The human world didn’t treat you kindly, that’s a fate you can’t change. But now, I’m giving you a chance to stay in my kingdom forever and together we will look after this mountain.”

Sungmin is dumbfounded, can’t believe everything he heard just a second ago.

“You have to know, once you decided to stay, you will never be able to go back to the world as a human being. And if you decided to leave, you will forget everything. You also don’t need to worry about your asthma anymore because I’ve healed you with song hwang1 and deulgireum2.”

“Th..thank you. Uhmm, you mentioned Eunhyuk last night. Is he..alright?” Sungmin finally managed to speak.

“Yes, he is alright now. He almost fell into a ravine last night and I save him. That’s one of my duty as God of the Geumjeong mountain, to keep good people out of danger. Yes, you heard it correctly. Only good people. Just like what you said before, the nature is honest. I knew every intention of the people who came to this mountain and if they have bad intention, they won’t see me as Kyuhyun but as a big white tiger,” Kyuhyun replied with firm tone.

Sungmin amazed, “I heard about it before. The legend of the holy white tiger of Geumjeong mountain.”

Kyuhyun nodded, “I will leave you alone so you can think about it,” and he walk to the door.

“Is that the only reason?” Sungmin whispered, making Kyuhyun stopped his step. “Is that the only reason why you want me to stay here? Because of my love and passion for the nature?”

“No,” Kyuhyun steal a glance to Sungmin, “Also because you’ve captured my heart.”

Kyuhyun walk outside the room, leaving Sungmin all alone.


Sungmin took a deep breath. Okay! I can do this. I’ll tell him my decision and I’ll live with the consequences. Take it or leave it, right?!

He opened the door and taken aback. My God! It’s so beautiful here! Look at those colorful flowers and the lovely butterflies! Aaahh..and the sounds of birds chirping! Splendid!

“Do you need anything, sir?” Sungmin startled when he saw an old man with long beard suddenly standing next to him.

“Oh..I want to see king Kyuhyun. Can you please show me where he is?” Sungmin asked politely. “Right this way, sir,” the old man replied and Sungmin followed him.

They are at the garden now and Kyuhyun is there, standing near by the lotus pond. He looks so gracious and handsome. That’s true, there’s no way a human being can be very perfect. Look at those enchanting eyes, his long lashes, his high nose bridge and those inviting lips. His tall figure is like the statue of ancient Greek’s God, making me want to..

Sungmin almost drooling when he suddenly realized something. Oh no! He can read people’s mind, does he?! Omo! Sungmin, you’re idiot! He knew that you’re lusting over him! STOP IT! I must behave myself and stop thinking about ‘that’! Sungmin mentally cursing himself.

Kyuhyun smirked as he stared at Sungmin, making the latter swallowed an imaginary lump in his throat.

“You want to see me?”

“Yes..” Sungmin smiled sheepishly, feeling embarrassed about his naughty thoughts a moment ago, “Can I ask you something?”


“Will you please show me your whole kingdom?”

“Alright. But may I ask you why?”

Sungmin bowed his head, “Because I don’t want to get lost if I live here with you,” he whispered.

Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin to his embrace, holding his chin and whispered ‘I love you’ before he kissed Sungmin’s lips softly.


1 Medical mushroom.

2 Perilla oil.

Brownies Love

Genre : Fluff, romance

Characters : Bigbang, Lee Sungmin, Choi Siwon

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Summary : Kwon Jiyong is jealous to Lee Sungmin.

The Bigbang boys are just finished with their make-up and costumes so they have about half hour to relax before they’re going to shoot for some variety show on KBS, along with other boyband. The rest of the noonas are gone and the manager is busy arranging some paperwork at the director’s office.

Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri are talking animatedly to each other about the cars meanwhile Jiyong and Seunghyun sitting together in the corner of the room.

Jiyong whispering something to Seunghyun’s ears, making the older male chuckled and kiss Jiyong’s lips. Their fingers intertwined and from the way they look at each other, everybody will know that they’re deeply in love.

Suddenly they heard someone knocking the door of the dressing room. Daesung get up and open the door. “Hello everyone!” Siwon greets cheerfully. “Oh Siwon hyung! What a nice surprise! Please come in!” said Daesung. The rest of the member also greets him friendly.

“Actually I’m escorting someone, he’s too shy to come here alone and give all of you some special treat he made by himself,” said Siwon with a bright smile on his handsome face. “Gentleman, here is Lee Sungmin. He was having his birthday last week so he decided to make some cupcakes as a celebration with you guys!”

“Hi..everybody..” Sungmin stepped inside the room shyly with a plate on his hand. Without any hesitate, the Bigbang boys approached Sungmin to congratulate and giving him a hug. Siwon took the plate from Sungmin’s hand, giving him the chance to receive the felicitation.

Sungmin looks very fascinating that day. He is very beautiful as always but today, the combination of his jet black hair, milky white skin, foxy smoky eyes, plump red lips and the tight black leather outfit which showing the luscious curve of his body, all of them making his appearance so..’intriguing’.

He is glamorous, mysterious, enchanting and sexy at the same time. Even some of the boys gulped when they saw him and trying hard to hide their sudden lust.

“Aigoooo! You’re 27 but you look like a 19 years old boy, hyung! I envy you!” cried Seungri. “Yes, that’s true! Sungmin hyung, please tell me the secret of your eternal youth, I swear I won’t tell anyone!” Daesung said as he pulled Sungmin apart from the rest of the people, making everyone laugh.

Sungmin’s cheek turn into pink color now. “Sungmin hyung, don’t hesitate to use your martial arts to kick Daesung’s ass!” said Jiyong. “Omo! No, Sungmin hyung! I give up! Please don’t hit me!” Daesung implored. Sungmin giggles as he caressed Daesung’s cheek gently, “Of course not. You’re so kind, why should I hit you, Daesung-ie?”

“Ah, Sungmin hyung is always so sweet and adorable,” Youngbae said. “Thank you, Youngbae-ah. Oh by the way, I made cupcakes for all of you,” Sungmin showed them the lovely cupcakes.

“Omo! Kyeopta!”

“Did you make them yourself?!”

“Sungmin hyung, you’re so talented!”

“They’re too cute too eat!”

The Bigbang boys admiring and praising Sungmin’s cooking skill. “And I guarantee you, they’re not only cute but also very tasty!” Siwon flattering Sungmin. “Ah Siwonnie, you’re exaggerating,” Sungmin murmured.

“Sungmin hyung, I still remember one of the episode of Super Junior diary! When you were making some cookies, pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie for Shindong. You really can cook!” Seunghyun complimenting Sungmin. “Ah, that’s true! Sungmin hyung is not only handsome, kind and diligent but he definitely can cook also!” Siwon added.

Jiyong giving an icy look at Seunghyun but the latter is not even notice, he’s still busy talking with Sungmin, “Can you make yang geng? It’s my favorite! I like it very much!” Sungmin nodded as he smiled beautifully, “Yes, I can. I will make it for you when I have a day off.”

“Whoa! Really?!” Seunghyun widened his eyes in disbelief, making Sungmin giggles.

“Yes, I promise. I’ll call you when it’s done, okay?”

“Hmmmm! Nom..nom..nom..” Daesung begin to eat one of the cupcake. “Waaahh! It’s really delicious!” Seungri said with his mouth full of cupcake, “Hyung, I have to do this..” he hugged Sungmin and give a peck on his cheek. “Kyaa!” Sungmin squealed.

“Yah! Seungri-ah! Behave yourself! Do you want Kyuhyun to come and kick your ass?” Seunghyun snapped. “Ooops! Sorry, Sungmin hyung.  I don’t want to have problem with Kyuhyun hyung,” Seungri apologized.

Sungmin smiled bitterly, “Kyuhyun and I were no longer lovers. We broke up few months ago.”


“Are you serious?!”

“Oh my God!”

“Jeez! I never thought..”

Seunghyun sit next to Sungmin now, not aware that Jiyong glared at them, “Are you alright? I mean, I knew you from a long time ago, before our debut, remember? Even though we’re in a different company but we used to talk about everything. And it’s a pity due to our busy schedules, we didn’t have time to talk to each other as much as we want.”

Sungmin nodded, “I’m fine. I have to. The life and the show must go on, right?” Sungmin’s lips carving a smile but the cloud of sadness in his eyes is still visible.

“I don’t know what is the problem between you and Kyuhyun hyung but if I were him, I won’t let you go, Sungmin hyung. I mean it,” said Youngbae with a firm tone. “Thank you, Youngbae-ah. Your lover is very lucky to have someone like you,” Sungmin whispered while Siwon is stroking his back gently, trying to comfort him.

Jiyong hissed but he quickly put a sweet smile and restrain his jealousy, “Sungmin hyung, we all have the compassion for you and you’re also lucky to have someone like Siwon hyung by your side. I guess you and Siwon hyung can be a very nice couple, don’t you think?”

Sungmin blushing now, not able to say a word. “Well, I understand Sungmin hyung still have the doubts and everything but he also knew that I won’t give up on him. I will always waiting for you patiently until you open your heart for me, Sungmin hyung,” Siwon said as he holding Sungmin’s hand.

“Aigo! That’s very sweet and romantic! I’ll pray for your happiness, Sungmin hyung and Siwon hyung!” Daesung smiled cheerfully.

“Gentleman, we will begin in 10 minutes from now! Please get ready, alright?” the director suddenly burst into the dressing room. “Siwonnie, we have to go back to our dressing room now. Jiyong-ie, Seunghyun-ah, Daesung-ie, Youngbae-ah and Seungri-ah, thank you for everything. Good bye,” Sungmin bowed politely.

The Bigbang boys also bowed politely. “Bye, Sungmin hyung, Siwon hyung. We are wishing all the best for both of you,” said Seungri.

“Okay, is everyone ready? The rest of you can go to the studio now, I need to have a word with Seunghyun hyung.” They looked at each other, a bit puzzled but they do as they told without saying anything.

Jiyong closed the door and looking at Seunghyun with fiery eyes. “What’s wrong, Jiyong-ie?” asked Seunghyun cluelessly.  “Do you have any special feelings for Sungmin hyung?!” “What?! No! Why all of sudden you think I have special feelings for him?!”

“From the way you look at him, the way you talk to him, everything!!” Jiyong screamed.

“What the hell?! We were friends, Jiyong! Is it wrong if I’m being kind to my friend?!”

“Tell me the truth, do you like him more than me?!”

Seunghyun sighed heavily,” Jiyong, you are my lover. Isn’t that explain a lot of things? Of course I like you more than him. And that’s the truth.” Jiyong sit on the couch, furrowed his eyebrows and bite his lips.

Seunghyun approach his angry lover, holding his hand and kneeling in front of him. “Baby, please tell me what exactly happened. You knew that Sungmin hyung and I were old friends but I never knew that you hate him.”

Jiyong shook his head, “It’s not that I hate him..I don’t hate him. He is a nice guy with a gentle heart. But I..I just felt insecure when he’s around you. I’m kind of intimidated by him, by his beauty, his charm, his sexy figure and his cooking skill! I knew you’re fond of your mother’s cuisine so I thought maybe you want a lover who can cook perfectly like your mother! And I CAN’T cook! I can’t even make you favorite yang geng!

Seunghyun pulled Jiyong into his embrace, holding him tight while Jiyong begin to sobbing softly.

“Baby, listen to me carefully,” Seunghyun cupped Jiyong’s face, making sure their eyes meet each other, “Do you love me?”

Jiyong nodded. “Do you really love me just the way I am, with all my plus and minus points?” “Yes.” Seunghyun smiled as he wipe the tears off Jiyong’s cheek.

“Then you should’ve known better that I, Choi Seunghyun, will always love you, Kwon Jiyong. I really, really do love you just the way you are. I don’t care if you can cook or not. It’s your love that I needed most. You fulfill me with joy and laughter. And that’s all I want.”

“Really?” Jiyong whispered. “Yes,” Seunghyun begin to kiss Jiyong’s lips and chin lovingly, tracing Jiyong’s jawline with his hot lips. Jiyong let out a needy moan as the lust taking control of his body. He crossed his legs on Seunghyun’s waist, making sure there’s no gap between them.

Jiyong jerking his head back, giving fully access for Seunghyun to nibble his collarbone and leaving some red love marks there.  And just when Seunghyun start to knead the visible bulge in Jiyong’s pants, someone knocking the door.

“Jiyong-sshi, Seunghyun-sshi, it’s 2 minutes left before shooting. Please come to the studio as soon as possible!”

“Alright!!” Seunghyun screamed, feeling pissed off when something or someone bothering his hot session with Jiyong. “Are you alright, baby? Is everything okay between us now?” Jiyong nodded, “Don’t ever leave me, Seunghyun hyung.” “I won’t ever leave you,” Seunghyun replied as he kissed Jiyong’s forehead.


The next day, Jiyong has a day off and his lover have some activities to do so he’ll be alone for almost the whole day. Seunghyun hyung will be back in the afternoon. Hmmm! I got an idea! Jiyong browsing the internet for Nigella Lawson. How To Be A Domestic Goddess. Aha! Here it is! Nigella’s recipe for brownies! I saw her on the cooking channel and wow, she knew how to cook and enjoy the food wholeheartedly!

Jiyong wrote every ingredients he need for the brownies and went to the grocery store.

Okay, I have everything I need, so let’s start it! He’s melting the chocolate and the butter in a large saucepan. Now I have to beat the eggs together with the sugar and vanilla extract or should I grease the brownie pan with butter first? Oh wait! I have to preheat the oven!

Jiyong is looking for something in the kitchen cabinet. Ah! There you are! He grabbed the sugar and the salt but it was quite high so he have to jump to reach them. And he accidentally hit the saucepan with the mixture of chocolate and butter, making it almost fall to the ground.

Aish! Why am I so clumsy when it comes to cooking?! Jiyong cursing himself as he pour the sugar in the bowl, along with the eggs and vanilla extract. 500 gram of sugar. Phew! It’s gonna be a sweet brownies! But my Seunghyun hyung loves sweet things so it doesn’t matter.

Now I can mix the flour and the chopped walnuts and then with the rest of the batter. Omo, I almost forget a teaspoon of salt. Now, it’s done! He put the dough in the brownie pan and set the alarm for 25 minutes.

Jeez! What a mess here in the kitchen! Jiyong starting to clean up everything. And it took him almost half hour until he finished, making it all nice and tidy again. Ding!

Ah, the brownies is done! Jiyong curiously open the oven and he smiled brightly. Hmmmm, it smells very delicious and it looks good! Aigo! I did it! I made my first brownies! Now I’m going to take a shower and when Seunghyun hyung is here, I’ll surprise him with the brownies!


“Jiyong, I’m home!” Seunghyun said as he took off his shoes and wear his slipper. “Welcome home, hyung!” Jiyong replied cheerfully and jumped into Seunghyun’s arms. “I have a surprise for you, my love!” “Oh?”

“Come!” Jiyong grabbed Seunghyun’s hand, dragging him to the living room. “Look! I made it by myself!” Jiyong pointing at the brownies on the coffee table. “Wow! You made it yourself? I’m proud of you, baby,” Sunghyun replied.

“Try it! I’m very curious whether you’ll like it or not,” said Jiyong as he cut a piece of brownies and give it to Seunghyun. The older male took a bite of the brownies and chew it slowly.  “And?” Jiyong asked impatiently.

“Uhmm! Well..uh..” Seunghyun have a strange expression on his face now.

“Is it delicious?”


“What? Tell me!”

“Did you try it?”

“No, not yet. I’m waiting for you so we can eat it together!”

Seunghyun grinned, “Then try it now.” Jiyong took a bite of the brownies, “What the fuck?! Why is it very salty?!” he screamed.

Seunghyun burst into laughter now. “Darn it! How can this happened?! I mean, I followed the instructions carefully and..and..oh-my-God!” Jiyong facepalmed, “I almost dropped the saucepan so I was kind of panic and instead of sugar, I grab the salt! Holy God! Eventhough the texture is different but both of them are white so I..I..”

Seunghyun pulled Jiyong to his embrace, “Sssshh! It’s alright, baby.” “No, it’s not! I’m embarrassed, angry, annoyed! I’m a blockhead!” Jiyong mad at himself. “No, you’re not! You’re the most talented person I’ve ever met! Not in terms of cooking but in terms of making great music! Don’t forget that!”

“Hyung, I will never be the prince of the kitchen, am I?” Jiyong sighed.

“Everything is possible, baby. But to me, you don’t have to be the prince of the kitchen because you’re already became the prince of my heart,” Seunghyun replied as he stroke Jiyong’s hair.

Jiyong tightened his embrace, “You are the best lover I ever had, Seunghyun hyung. I’m very lucky to have you.”

Seunghyun smiled and looked at his lover fondly, “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too.”


Spider Lily (2/?)

Genre : Romance, angst
Pairing : Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)/Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot
Summary : Finally Jiyong met the love of his life. But their happiness didn't seem to last forever..

“Ah!” Jiyong shrieked when suddenly someone covered his eyes. Jiyong grabbed the hand of the attacker and when he felt the rings on his hand, he begin to laugh, “Aish! Youngbae-ah!” “Jeez! I’m busted! Did you recognize me from my rings?” asked Youngbae as he sit in front of Jiyong. “Of course! You’re the only one I knew wearing diamond skull ring, the smileys ring and the white gold star shaped ring,” Jiyong smirked.

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m thirsty, do you want something?” Youngbae asked. “No, thanks. I’ve just had my second mango jelly.” “Ah, of course. With that tall guy, right? Who is he?”

Jiyong smiled brightly, “Did you see him? He’s handsome, right? But wait a minute, aren’t you supposed to go to the extra class?” “It was cancelled. Now tell me, who is that guy?”

Jiyong showed him the business card. “Choi Seunghyun, counselor of Industrial Affairs. Hmmm, not bad. A young executive. How did you know him?” asked Youngbae curiously. Jiyong told him about their first meeting in the library and their coincidentally second meeting at the Mango Six.

“Jiyong-ie, you know, they said there’s no such thing as coincidence.” “Oh? Is that mean Seunghyun and I are fated to meet each other? And the cupid will play a role between us? Aigo!” Jiyong use both hands to cover his blushing cheek. “Yah! You watched too much drama! Tssk!” Youngbae scowled. “But there’s nothing wrong if I’m in love with him, right? We can be a nice couple!”

“All I’m saying is, take your time. Don’t act rashly. I’ve known you since we were 10, Jiyong-ie. And when you really want something, you’ll do anything to get it without thinking rationally. Am I right?”

Jiyong sticking out his tongue, “Not always! Youngbae, I like Seunghyun hyung and I really want him to be my boyfriend. There’s something irresistible about him, perhaps the charisma or something else, I don’t know,” Jiyong grinned as he begin to sing, “One way or another I’m gonna get you.. I’m gonna get you, get you, get you..one way or another!”

Youngbae chuckled, “Crazy boy!” Jiyong laughed, “I’m crazy in love!”


The next day, Jiyong is sitting alone in the patio, eyes focused on Seunghyun’s business card. Shall I call him now? Or maybe it’s too early? But why should I wait longer anyway?

“Young master, would you like something to drink?” suddenly the housekeeper is standing next to him. “Oh, that’s a good idea. I want a glass of melon juice, please,” Jiyong replied. “Very well, sir.” “Ahjusshi, did my father call? I haven’t heard from him for the last two weeks.”

Jiyong always called the housekeeper ‘ahjusshi’ because he and his wife are working very long for them. His wife, the ‘ahjumma’, is Jiyong’s nanny. She’s the one who practically raised Jiyong because his mother had postnatal depression after he was born. Since then, mrs. Kwon has never showed any interest to her only son.

“No, young master. I haven’t heard anything from Master Kwon as well. But madam Kwon was here last night to pick up some stuff and she went directly to New York,” the housekeeper replied. Jiyong smiled bitterly, his mom was here in Seoul and she didn’t even bother to call him.

“Ahjusshi, please bring the juice to my room, okay? It’s very hot out here,” said Jiyong as he walk inside the mansion. In his room, Jiyong finally decided to call Seunghyun. Whatever! If I don’t call him now, I will keep on thinking about it so just do it then!

After a few minutes, Jiyong hung up the phone. Seunghyun hyung didn’t answer the phone. Tssk! Maybe it’s a bad idea afterall! He threw himself onto the bed, closing his eyes and fell asleep until the buzzing sound of his phone wakes him up.

“Yoboseyo..” Jiyong answered with sleepy voice. “Hello, you are speaking with Choi Seunghyun. I notice that you called me an hour ago?” Jiyong’s eyes are wide open now, “Hyung! It’s me, Jiyong. That’s right, I called you but you didn’t pick up the phone..” “Oh, hi Jiyong! I was in a meeting, that’s why I didn’t pick up the phone. Nice to hear your voice again. How are you?”

“I’m fine. And you?” Jiyong trying hard to stay cool although he felt so nervous as hell. “Pfff! Busy, tired, need some fresh air. I love the nature and I’m thinking about going to Namsan park this weekend. Would you like to go with me?” Seunghyun asked. “Omo! Yes! Uhmm, I mean..yeah, that sounds great,” Jiyong cursing himself for being too excited.

“Great! Shall we meet at the Seoul station? We can go with the subway. I’d rather not going with the car because it’s always very busy at the parking area and the chance that you got a place to park the car is small,” Seunghyun replied. “Okay and what time shall we meet?” “10 o’clock?”

Jiyong smiled, “Alright hyung, see you on Saturday, 10 o’clock at Seoul station.” “See you then. Bye, Jiyong.” After he make sure that Seunghyun had hung up, Jiyong squealed in delight, feeling happy and excited at the same time.


“We’re lucky with the weather. It’s sunny but not too hot,” Seunghyun said as he and Jiyong walking in Namsan Park. “Yeah, it’s nice to be here sometimes. Do you like the nature very much, hyung?” Seunghyun nodded, “Yes, I have some favorite spots in Holland and Germany. Well, to be honest, I’d rather go to Germany to enjoy the nature there. Like the area at the Mosel vineyard, for example. It’s very beautiful and also a nice route to ride on a motorbike.”

“You ride a motorbike? Wow! That’s cool!” said Jiyong. “Thanks. Shall we walk to the botanical garden now? I wonder if they have my favorite flower there,” Seunghyun replied. “Let me guess, is your favorite flower a tulip? Because it reminds you of Holland?” “Nope. It’s something else. You’ll see..”

They keep on walking when suddenly, “Ouch!” Jiyong stumble and almost fell on the ground. Lucky for him, Seunghyun catch his hand right on time, “Are you okay?” “Yes, silly me!” Jiyong grumbled. Seunghyun smiled and holding Jiyong’s hand gently, “Then I’ll hold your hand to make sure that you won’t fall, alright?”

Oh my God! Mr. Hottie here will hold my hand to make sure I won’t fall?! Someone please pinch me!

Jiyong nodded as he grinned widely like Cheshire cat. Seunghyun’s hand enveloping Jiyong’s hand now and their fingers intertwined perfectly.

“Jiyong, look. This is my favorite flower,” Seunghyun said as he pointing his finger to some particular flowers. “The white one or the red one?” Jiyong asked. “The white one.” “It reminds me of the seeds of Eywa in the Avatar movie. What kind of flower is that, hyung?” “They called Spider Lily.”

Jiyong smiled, “It’s an unique flower indeed. I never saw that flower before, only the regular lily. And why is that become your favorite flower?”

“Because it reminds me of something important in life.” “And that is?”

“Spider Lily is also called the flower of separation, kind of symbol for tragic love. The flower petals and the leaves are reaching for each other but the flower can only blossom when the leaves are all withered away. They miss one another to grow the sprout and blossom the flower but in the end, they leave their yearning for each other and never unite,” Seunghyun explained.

“And there’s a legend about the spider lily. Manju, the elf, is the guardian of the flower and Saka, another elf, is the guardian of the leaves. Out of curiosity, they defied their fate of guarding the plant alone and decided to meet each other. And when they did, they fell in love at the first sight. God was very angry for their waywardness and punished them with a curse, the flowers of Manju will never meet the leaves of Saka. Even in death, they still love each other but unfortunately they’re never meant to be together.”

Jiyong bite his lips, a strange feeling of sadness filled his heart, “It’s very sad, hyung..and painful.” Seunghyun nodded, “It’s sad and painful but it’s also beautiful at the same time. It reminds me that we are only mere human, with our own fate and destiny. No matter how much you want something and how hard you try but in the end, if it’s never meant to be yours then you’ll never have it.”

Jiyong sighed, “I guess you were right.” Seunghyun smiled as he cupped Jiyong’s gloomy face, “Hey, where’s your lovely smile now? Did my story make you sad?” Jiyong nodded weakly, “Yes. Why does such a lovely flower have to represent something sorrowful? And it’s awful if you can’t be with the one you love.”

Seunghyun tightened his grip on Jiyong’s hand, “That’s life, Jiyong. When there’s laughter then there’s also tears. Now don’t be sad anymore, okay? If I buy you some ice cream, will you smile for me again?” Seunghyun teasing the younger male. Jiyong giggles, “Am I look like a 5 years old boy?” “Actually..hmmm..yes!” Seunghyun laugh as he run away from Jiyong. “Aaahh, hyuuungg!” Jiyong laughing as he chasing after him.

Few hours later, they decided to go home. Jiyong felt so tired and rest his head to the window of the subway. Seunghyun gently pulled Jiyong’s head so he can lean his head on Seunghyun’s shoulder, well, more like on his broad chest actually. “You can sleep more comfortable here, Jiyong,” Seunghyun murmured as he caressed Jiyong’s soft cheek. Jiyong smiled before he shut his eyes and begin to slumber.

Time goes by and suddenly Jiyong heard Seunghyun’s deep voice, “Jiyong, wake up. We are at the Seoul station now.” “Huh?” Jiyong opened his eyes, feeling a bit giddy. “Are you okay?” Seunghyun asked. Jiyong only nodded although the muscle on his neck is a bit painful.

When he straightened his head, Jiyong noticed the trails of saliva from his mouth. He looked over Seunghyun’s jacket and let out a scream, making the older male aghast. “What’s wrong?” Seunghyun asked.

Jiyong blabbering some words as he pointing at Seunghyun’s jacket. Seunghyun looked at his jacket and then looked at Jiyong and to his jacket once again. “You..did this?” he asked. And there’s nothing Jiyong ever wanted so badly except to disappear right here, right now.


“You did WHAT?!” Seungri laughed hysterically like a hyena while Jiyong buried his face on one of his pillow, “I know..it’s terrible! My God! I’m such an idiot, a loser!”

“Okay, let me get this straight. It was your first date with the man of your dream, everything went smooth and nicely and on the way home, he was being a gentleman and offered you his shoulder so you can rest your head. You fell asleep and..and you drool on his jacket?!” Seungri begin to laugh again.

“And he wore a grey jacket so it’s very obvious to see the stain. Jeez! I never felt so embarrassed like this before,” Jiyong rolled his petite body on his bed. “So what you are going to do, hyung?” Seungri asked. “I don’t know. I mean, I apologize directly and told him that I want to pay for the laundry but he said it’s not necessary. Pfff! I guess I should just forget about him,” Jiyong sighed.

“Hyung, don’t give up easily. Okay, it’s embarrassing but hey, nobody’s perfect. We all do something silly once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Seungri trying to comfort his best friend. “Yeah but I’m definitely don’t have the guts to call him again. No way.”

“But from the way he act, I think he likes you.” “Until I drool on his jacket!” Jiyong grunted and grabbed his buzzing phone, “Omo! Seungri-ah! It’s him!” “What?” “It’s him! Seunghyun hyung is calling me right now!” Seungri jumped next to Jiyong, “What are you waiting for?! Answer the phone!” “But..I..” Jiyong hesitated. “If you don’t answer it then I will!” Seungri growled.

“Yoboseyo,” Jiyong answered with squeaky voice. “Hi Jiyong, how are you?” Seunghyun replied. “Uhhmm..fine.” “Great. Well, I..uh, I just want to tell you that I really enjoy our trip together to Namsan park last Saturday. I wonder if you enjoy it also?” Jiyong is dumbfounded. “Jiyong? Are you there?” “Oh yes. I like it also but hyung..uhmm..” “Yes?” “Did you mad at me because of..eh, the jacket incident?”

“No, silly. Of course not. Did you think I’m mad at you because of that?” Seunghyun laughed. “Yes and I was soooo ashamed of myself!” “Jiyong, it’s not a big deal. In fact, I think you’re so cute when you’re sleeping..and drooling,” Seunghyun chuckled. Jiyong blushed and pout at the same time, “So I’m not cute when I’m awake?”

“When you’re awake, you’re even more cute and adorable. And that’s why I like you.” Jiyong gulped, “You..like..me?” “Yes.” “Really?” “Yes, I’m not kidding. Oh, I have to go now. Bye, Jiyong” Seunghyun hung up the phone while Jiyong is still agape.

Seungri shook Jiyong’s shoulder, “Omo! Did he say he likes you? Hyung?!” Jiyong blinked his eyes, “Yes..he did say that he likes me..” Seungri hugging his best friend tight, “I’m happy for you, hyung! Now it’s time for you to be happy with your loved one!”


Today is Friday and Seunghyun hyung said that he always finished at six or seven p.m. Okay! I’ll wait for him outside the office and then I will ask him to have dinner with me at The Sky Lounge. Nice surprise, right?

After waiting for almost an hour, finally Jiyong saw Seunghyun came out of the building. But he was not alone, a beautiful woman with long blond hair is holding his hand. Behind them were couple of other people and they’re all laughing happily.

Jiyong was dumbfounded for a while and he decided to leave without letting Seunghyun know he was there. But he was too late. Seunghyun saw him, “Jiyong! Hi! What are you doing here?” “Oh..hi, hyung. I..I was just passing by,” Jiyong lied.

“Is he a friend of yours?” the blond haired lady asked. “Yes. Jiyong, this is Claudia. And Claudia, this is Jiyong.” The lady giggles, “Nice to meet you, Jiyong. And you never told me about him, sweety!”

Sweety?! She called Seunghyun hyung ‘sweety’?!

Seunghyun smirked, “Claudia, I’ll take you home now. Jiyong, please excuse us but we have to leave. I will call you later.” “Bye, Jiyong,” said Claudia with her hand still clinging on Seunghyun’s arm.

Jiyong smiled faintly without saying any word. His eyes gazing at Seunghyun and Claudia as the two of them entering the car.


Spider Lily (1/?)

Genre : Romance, angst

Pairing : Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)/Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Summary : Finally Jiyong met the love of his life. But their happiness didn’t seem to last forever..

For the second time, Jiyong tried to reach the book on the top shelf. And he failed. Again. Darn it! Even these shoe lifts won’t do any good in this situation! Jiyong sighed. If it’s not for his damn paper work from his docent then he won’t be at the Seoul Metropolitan Library right now. I’d rather go to the music store or play the piano or hang out with my best friends.

Oh by the way, I was thinking about taking violin class or shall I take a private lesson instead? I guess dad wouldn’t mind. I miss him though. But he’s been very busy lately. And mom..tsskk! Who am I kidding? She wouldn’t care. I don’t care about her also. Perhaps she’s in Milan right now or in Paris. Haute couture, famous designer, shoes, bag, perfume, etc. My mama is a fashionista! And so am I a little bit. Well, at least we have one thing in common.

“Which book do you want?” Jiyong jolted in surprise, not expecting anyone standing so close to him. “Ah..uhhmm, that one, please,” Jiyong pointing at the book. “The Ancient History of Greece. It’s a good book,” said the stranger as he gave the book to Jiyong, making the latter blushed. “Thank you,” Jiyong replied shyly. “You’re welcome. Bye,” the stranger smiled and walking away. And Jiyong just can’t take his eyes off him.

Tall, dark hair, definitely handsome and cool at the same time. Aish! Why didn’t I try to make a conversation or introduce myself or..or whatever! Now the chance is gone.


“Yah! Seungri-ah! What do you mean you can’t come?!” Jiyong grunted on the phone. “Sorry hyung but you remember that girl I told you before, Yuri? Suddenly she ask me to go to the cinema to watch the Sinister! She said she’s too afraid to watch it alone.” “Sinister? That horror film? You are going to watch a horror film?” Jiyong begin to laugh now, mocking the younger male, “Seungri-ah, are you sure you’re not gonna be the one who’s weeping and begging to go outside the cinema hall as soon as possible, like you did when we watch the Paranormal Activity 4?”

“Ah hyung! That’s our secret, remember?! Only you and Young Bae hyung knew about that! Please keep your promise that you won’t tell anybody else, especially my girlfriends! Oh there she comes! Bye, hyung!” Seungri hung up the phone.

That brat! And Young Bae must attend extra class tonight so he can’t come also. And here I am all alone at the Mangosix. Jiyong scratched his head as he slurping his mango jelly. Suddenly his eyes catch a glimpse of someone entering the café. Omo! Is that him? The nice gentleman at the library? Oh my God! It’s really him!

Jiyong muster up his courage to approach him, “Uhmmm, excuse me. Do you remember me? We met at the library few days ago.” The stranger only looking at him, a bit puzzled. Jiyong bite his lips nervously, “I..I guess you forgot. Sorry to bother you. Good bye.” Jiyong bowed and walk back to his table as soon as possible. His face is as red as a tomato now. Omo! I’m so embarrassed! Why did I..

Suddenly he felt a hand touching his shoulder. “Please wait. I remember now. You want the ancient history book, right?” the stranger smiled friendly, “The Ancient History of Greece, to be exact,” he added.

Jiyong nodded happily, “Yes, that’s right. Can I please treat you something? As my gratitude that you were helping me with the book.” “You don’t have to bother. I’m glad to help you.” “Please, I insist. Or maybe you’re with someone? Omo! I’m sorry!” Jiyong mentally cursing himself.  “No, I’m alone. Well, I’ll take your offer..uhhmm?” “Jiyong. My name is Kwon Jiyong,” Jiyong replied quickly. “Nice to meet you, Jiyong. My name is Choi Seunghyun.”

Jiyong ordered a cup of espresso and cinnamon roll for Seunghyun also another mango jelly and Earl Grey white chocolate muffin for himself.

“You’re a big fan of mango, I suppose?” Seunghyun asked. Jiyong chuckled, “Yes. I like fruits and mango is one of my favorite.” “That’s good. It’s a nice café though but I don’t come here often.” “Are you a student too?” Jiyong took a bite of his muffin. “No. I’m working at the Netherlands Foreign Investment Board,” Seunghyun replied. “Oh? How old are you?”

Seunghyun grinned as he heard that question, “You know, I still think it’s kind of funny how people here always curious about age. I understand it’s in the culture, it’s about the hierarchy. But in Europe, we just don’t ask people, especially to the ladies, about the age.” Jiyong gaped as Seunghyun continued, “I’m 26 years old, Jiyong. And please forgive me if sometimes I’m being blunt and straight to the point. You might think that I’m harsh but I’m just being honest. A is A and B is B. I will say my opinion honestly eventhough it may hurt your feelings.”

“But you’re a Korean, right?” Jiyong asked innocently. “Well, my parents were Korean. But I was born and raised in Holland and I have Dutch nationality. So my appearance is Asian but the way I think and act, I’m more like European. But since this is my second year living in Korea, I try to adjust some manners and behavior,” Seunghyun took a sip of his espresso.

Jiyong find this young gentleman is even more interesting now. “I’m sorry for my curiosity but did your parents raise you with all Korean norms and customs like we did here?” Seunghyun smiled, “You don’t need to apologize, curiosity is normal. It’s a part of human nature. My father died before I was born and my mother raised me with Korean norms but she died when I was 8 years old. After that, I was raise by my mother’s relatives, a couple with two sons. They are always busy with working, trying to fulfill everything we need so we can grow properly.”

Seunghyun sighed, “They are nice people and they treat me like their own son. I’m very lucky, I guess. And they are not very strict with Korean norms and customs. So I grew up happily with lots of freedom. But thanks to all the freedom, I’m able to learn to be more responsible to myself and the people around me.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your parents,” Jiyong said softly, “and I’m supposed to call you ‘hyung’ from now on because you are 6 years older than me.” Seunghyun chuckled, “Ah! The honorifics. For me it’s not necessary, you may call me Seunghyun if you want. I don’t mind.” Jiyong shook his head, “I really like to call you ‘hyung’.”

Seunghyun smiled. That dimples, how can he be so perfect? Jiyong looked at him with awe. “Alright. Now please tell me more about yourself, Jiyong.” “Me? Uhhmm, I’m 20 years old now and I went to Seoul National University, majoring Business Administration.” “That’s one of the top university in South Korea, right?” Seunghyun asked.

Jiyong nodded as he sighed, “My parents wants me to go there so I can learn very well about business. Even honestly, I’d rather to learn about music. But I have no choice.” “I guess they just want the best for you.” “Yeah. And the fact that I’m the only child make the things even more complicated for me sometimes.”

“Really? Isn’t it nice to be the only child? You have no competitor and you can get everything you want easily,” Seunghyun teased the younger male. “This might sounds cliché but I came at the point to realize that the material things doesn’t always make you happy,” Jiyong looked at Seunghyun, noticing that the latter is staring deeply at him and it makes him shivered.

Those eyes, Seunghyun’s dark eyes.. As if those eyes can see inside me, to the bottom of my soul. And I just can’t hide, can’t escape from those eyes. So dark yet mysterious and..and I’m willing to drown in it.

“Jiyong? Is everything okay?” Seunghyun waving his hand in front of Jiyong’s face. “Huh? Oh yes. I..I’m fine. Sorry, I’m spacing out.” “Like when you were in the library?” Seunghyun winked his eyes playfully. Jiyong blushed, “It became a habit lately,” he mumbled. “Please don’t do that while you’re driving, alright? It can be dangerous and I’ll be worried,” said Seunghyun with a firm tone.

What? Did he just say that he’s worry about me? Omo! Jiyong trying hard not to squeal and hide his happiness. “Alright, hyung. I promise,” he replied. Seunghyun smiled, “Good to hear that. Jiyong, I have to go now. Thank you for the treat and the conversation. I’m glad to know you.”

A slight of disappointment came across Jiyong’s mind. “But hyung..uhmm, can I see you again?” Seunghyun startled a bit but then he nodded, “I think so. Here’s my business card. You can call me if you want.” Are you kidding me? Of course I want to call you! I want to see you again, hyung. I even wish this conversation will never end.

“Thank you, hyung. I will call you,” Jiyong accept the card. “Please do,” Seunghyun smiled as he walking away from the table.

Meanwhile on the parking lot, a pair of eyes watching the two of them from inside a blue Dodge Charger. And when Seunghyun is out of sight, that person opened the door of the car and walk inside the Mangosix, silently approaching Jiyong whose still fiddling with Seunghyun’s business card.



Genre : Smut

Pairing : Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)/Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)

Rating : NC-17

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Summary : The best afterglow ever!

“Baby..” Seunghyun called Jiyong with his deep sultry voice. The latter was sitting in front of his laptop, busy with all the music notes, “Hmmmm?” Jiyong replied, eyes still focused on the screen. “It’s almost midnight now. You should take a rest,” Seunghyun approached his lover, strokes his dark hair gently. “I know but I’m not finished yet, oppa and you know I can’t sleep before I’m done with this..”

Jiyong always call Seunghyun ‘oppa’ when it’s only the two of them and no one else is around.   Seunghyun smirked, “I will make you feel good and relax, baby,” he begin to nibble Jiyong’s right ear and licking his earlobe, making the younger male moaned.

“Oppaaaa..this is not fair! You know exactly my weakness!” Jiyong pretending to be mad at his lover but hell, who can resist the sexy Choi Seunghyun anyway? Seunghyun chuckled as he pulled Jiyong to their king size bed, “You’re so tense, baby. I’ll give you a massage, a special one.” Jiyong gulped, his body begin to tingle when he heard those words. Seunghyun lit three pink jasmine candles, which he specially bought at the Bloomingdale’s when he went to New York last week.

He turned off the light and sit behind Jiyong, his hands begin to massage Jiyong’s neck and shoulder. “Oh it feels good..” Jiyong mumbled with his eyes closed. “And those candles, mmmm..it smells very nice.” “I’m glad you like it,” he replied as he massaging Jiyong’s back. “Shall I take my shirt off?” Jiyong asked innocently. “Getting impatience, baby?” Seunghyun teased his cute lover, making him blushed. “Ah oppa! That’s not what I mean! I..I just thought it’s gonna be easier for you to massage me!” Seunghyun laughed as he pulled Jiyong’s shirt, “I’ll take everything off now, Jiyong-ie,” without wasting any time, he strip Jiyong with nothing left on his body.

Seunghyun grabbed something from the table, open the lid and rub the content on Jiyong’s back. “What is that? Smells delicious..and sexy!” Jiyong asked curiously. Seunghyun showed him the tube. “Kissable massage lotion in berry passion. Omo! You went to Victoria’s Secret too in New York?” “Yup! And tonight we will see if it’s as good as they said,” Seunghyun replied as he finished rubbing every inch of Jiyong’s naked body with the lotion.

He smiled as he admiring Jiyong’s slender body, “You’re so damn sexy, baby. I’m addicted to your body, your flawless milky skin, everything in you is so breathtaking,” Jiyong giggles, feeling happy and proud to hear those compliments. Well, if your boyfriend is on the top list of the most sexy man in the nation and he just said that he’s addicted to you, how would you feel?

“Really, oppa? My handsome Seunghyun oppa is addicted to my body?” Jiyong purred and winked coyly to Seunghyun. “Yes, I’m addicted to you, my mischievous pretty boy,” Seunghyun answered as he strip himself.

He begin to kiss Jiyong now, brushing his lips, playfully licking it until Jiyong parted his lips, allowing Seunghyun’s tongue to do the salsa and dance with his own tongue. Seunghyun placing feather-like kisses across Jiyong’s jaw and chin, making the latter shivered. The older male is now sucking and nibbling the younger’s neck, leaving some red marks on it while his fingers playing and tugging Jiyong’s nipples, making the latter groaned when he felt that sweet sensation all the way to his groin.

Seunghyun murmured, “I’ll please you tonight, baby, so enjoy it.” He put his hand on Jiyong’s neck while the other hand travels down on his spine, to his waist and finally to his butt, squeeze it tightly. Jiyong could feel Seunghyun’s hard erection pressing his own, making him craving for more,

Seunghyun pushed Jiyong gently, made him lying on the bed while he run his hot tongue on Jiyong’s hard nipples. Jiyong bite his lips, trying to suppress his moan when Seunghyun slowly licking his belly and playing with his navel, poking his tongue inside. “Aaaaahh..oppa,” Jiyong moaned, hands clawing the sheet. “You taste like blueberry. Delicious!” Seunghyun mumbled as he grabbed Jiyong’s hips and begin to nibble his hipbone, making Jiyong arched his back, nearly convulse.

His hand reached for Jiyong’s hard and twitching cock, stroking it slowly. “Oppaaaa, pleaseee..” Jiyong is getting impatient. Seunghyun smirked, he lick the tip of Jiyong’s cock and replied, “What, baby? Tell me what you want?” Jiyong sulking now, “You know what I want!” “I want to hear it,” Seunghyun replied as he keep on running his tongue all over the length, up and down. “Dammit, suck it!!” “Oh? Where’s your manner now?” Seunghyun keep on teasing Jiyong. “Oppa, suck it, pleaseeeee..” Jiyong wailed.

Seunghyun pushed his tongue in the slit of Jiyong’s leaking cock, then put the entire length in his mouth, sucking it hard. “Aaaahh..yes, oppa..mmmhh! It feels good!” Seunghyun bobbing his head for several times, stopped for a while to nibble Jiyong’s balls and continued to suck Jiyong’s cock. From the way he moaned, Seunghyun knew that Jiyong almost approach his climax, “Ssssshhh..aaahh! Oppa! Aaaahh..I’m..I’m coming!” Jiyong can’t hold it any longer and he came hard in Seunghyun’s mouth.

Seunghyun swallowed the cum of his pretty lover, “Mmmm..tasty as always!” he chuckled and kiss Jiyong’s lips, allowing the younger male to taste his own essence. Jiyong trying to catch his breath, “Oppa..it was..great!” They’re lying next to each other with their sweaty body. Seunghyun glanced at Jiyong. His swollen, crimson lips, flushed cheeks, half lidded eyes, body glistening with sweat, everything in him is so damn luscious, making Seunghyun wants to fuck him senselessly.

Jiyong approached Seunghyun, pressing his lips against his lover and chewing his lower lips gently. Seunghyun is aroused with the way Jiyong move his body, grinding his hips, letting the older male to know that he is ready for the second round. “Want some more, baby?” Jiyong nodded as he glanced at Seunghyun’s big and hard cock. “I want my lollipop..” he replied with high pitched voice. Seunghyun chuckled, “It’s all yours.”

Jiyong bent down, wrapping his lips around Seunghyun’s pulsating cock. Sucking the tip gently, licking the precum like a kitten licking the milk. Seunghyun closed his eyes, enjoying the precious moment. Jiyong puckered his lips, slowly pumping his head. The heat around his cock and Jiyong’s naughty slurpy sound while he savoring his cock is driving Seunghyun crazy. He growled, his hands tugging Jiyong’s hair, shoving the entire length into his pretty mouth.

Jiyong engulfed the cock, almost gagging himself but he didn’t care. All he ever wanted is to pleased his lover. Suddenly Seunghyun pulled Jiyong up, making the younger male to lie flat on his back. “Suck,” he put his index and middle fingers inside Jiyong’s mouth and the latter suck it obediently. “Be prepared, baby,” Seunghyun said with sultry voice as he begin to scissoring Jiyong’s hole, making the latter gasped. “Aaaahh..oppaaa..mmmmmhh,” Jiyong let out a needy moan from his wet lips. The looks on Jiyong’s face never failed to mesmerize Seunghyun, the way Jiyong bite his own lips, the way he sensually move..gosh!

Seunghyun pulled Jiyong closer now, positioning himself while Jiyong wrapped his skinny legs around his lover’s waist. Seunghyun rubbed his cock in front of Jiyong’s hole, teasing him. “Oppaaaa..fuck me!” Jiyong wailed, eager to feel the sensation.

Seunghyun slammed his big and hard cock into Jiyong’s hole, making Jiyong screamed because of the sudden intrusion. He frowned, biting his lips, trying to somehow ease the pain. Seunghyun kissed Jiyong’s face, “Tell me when you ready, baby..” he said patiently, giving the time for Jiyong to adjust the size.

“Oppa..now..” Jiyong whispered, enjoying Seunghyun’s lustful face. Seunghyun begin to move his hips slowly, Jiyong winced from the pain but he keep trying to relax his muscle. “Sssshhhh..you’re so tight,” Seunghyun mumbled as he thrust his cock in and out Jiyong’s tight hole. After a while, Seunghyun begin to thrust faster and Jiyong grinding his hips at the same pace. Jiyong moaned, begging for more. It seems that the pain is replaced by pleasure now.

“Aaaahh, yes..oppa, fuck me! More..mmmmhhh!” That sexy moan sounds like a music in Seunghyun’s ear so he’s more than delighted to slammed harder, faster and deeper into Jiyong’s sensitive walls, creating more friction until he hit that particular spot, making the younger male howled in pleasure. “Oppaaa..aaaahh! I’m..coming!” Jiyong screamed, releasing his cum all over Seunghyun’s perfect abs.

Seunghyun groaned, almost reaching his climax either. “Fuck! Yes!”with one hard thrust, he came and filled Jiyong’s hole with his cum. Seunghyun slumped next to his lover, both of them are panting hard, satisfied and exhausted at the same time.

Jiyong grabbed some Kleenex from the small table next to their bed and carefully wipe the cum off Seunghyun’s abs. Seunghyun caress Jiyong’s cheek, “Are you happy with me, baby?” Jiyong smiled as he nodded, “Of course. And you?” Seunghyun pulled Jiyong into his embrace and sighed, “I’m happy with you..but,” he stopped for a while, making Jiyong startled. “But what??” Jiyong asked impatiently. “I will be happier if..” Seunghyun smiled shyly and whispered, “if we are getting married.”


“Baby, please don’t be mad, okay? I..I was just thinking..”



Happy fifth anniversary, my love!

Genre : Angst

Pairing : G-Dragon (Kwon Jiyong)/T.O.P (Choi Seunghyun)

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Warning : Character death

Summary : ~Time will heal everything~ Is that true? Not to Kwon Jiyong.

Jiyong is standing alone at the Jungmun beach, enjoying the beautiful scenery in front of him. The sound of the waves and the sea breeze making him feels relaxed and peaceful. He closed his eyes, feeling the sun illuminate his body. Today is our fifth anniversary and finally tonight I’m going to meet you, hyung! Do you know how much I missed you? Jiyong smiled, he can’t hide his happiness. I knew you’ll laugh when I act cute in front of you and you’ll hug me, giving me butterfly kisses all over my face. Remember when I call you ‘oppa’? You tickled me, playfully bite my neck and I can’t stop laughing.

Jiyong glanced at his watch. It’s almost 15.30 pm now. I’d better be hurry otherwise the flower shop will be closed. He drive away from the beach and went to a flower shop to buy a bouquet of white lilies. Isn’t it lovely? I’m sure you’ll like it, hyung. Jiyong turned on the engine of the car, heading to Donggwang-ri. Do you missed me, hyung? Do you feel what I feel? It feels like a butterfly playing in my stomach now. I’m little bit nervous yet excited at the same time.

Jiyong parked the car at the safe side of the way. He took a deep breath, trying to clear his mind. A moment later, he grab the bouquet and stepped outside the car. Jiyong bite his lips as he walk down the hills until he finally found it. A small angel statue with ‘Choi Seunghyun’ beautifully engraved on it.

I’m here, hyung. Finally I have the strength and courage to visit the place where you died two years ago. Jiyong put the flower bouquet next to the statue, tears streaming down his face now. He lose someone he can’t replace.

It was two years ago when they planned to celebrate their third anniversary in Jeju island. Seunghyun was there two days earlier because of his work and Jiyong will be there exactly on that special day. Late in the afternoon, Seunghyun went to pick Jiyong at the airport. It was raining hard that day and he drive carefully as always but unfortunately a drunken trucker hit his car. It was a horrible accident and Seunghyun died instantly.

Jiyong sobbing hard, full of pain and sorrow. It’s not fair, hyung! Why?! Why fate keep us apart?! Where did I go wrong?! We were very happy together, we made plans for our future and suddenly..suddenly you left me. Do you know how difficult it is for me?

He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. But don’t worry, hyung. I’ll be fine, everything is gonna be alright. I love you and I knew you love me too. This is the first time and it will be the last time that I ever visit this place, the place where you tragically died. Goodbye, hyung. Until we meet again..


Jiyong went to his car and driving back to the hotel. He booked the same hotel as two years ago, Lotte Jeju Hotel. After he put the ‘Do not disturb’ sign at the door of his Pacific suite, he decided to take a bath. Jiyong poured Penhaligon’s Lily of The Valley bath oil in the bathtub and lying there for almost an hour. When he’s done, he get up and took his Tigan capsule to prevent nausea and vomiting. He continued drying his wet body and when he’s done, he apply Penhaligon’s Lily of The Valley lotion to his milky white skin. Hyung always love this scent. He can’t get his hands off me once I finished with my Penhaligon’s ritual.

In front of the big mirror, Jiyong looked at himself. He looks handsome with his white long sleeves and white trousers. Do you like it, hyung? He closed his eyes, imagining Seunghyun is standing behind him, smiling and hugging him tight. He walk to his suitcase and grab few things from it.

Jiyong put a bottle of Absinthe, a reservoir pontarlier glass, a silver Croix Suisse Absinthe spoon, few sugar cubes and a pack of Ativan on the coffee table. Happy fifth anniversary, my love! Let’s party! Jiyong smirked. He poured the Absinthe into the glass, put the Absinthe spoon across the rim of the glass and place a sugar cube on it. He drip few drops of ice cold water carefully to the sugar cube and when the sugar is totally dissolve, he stirred it with the Absinthe spoon. Green fairy, do your job properly and take me to my beloved Choi Seunghyun. Make me happy, okay? Jiyong chuckled and drink it in one shot.

He do the same process again with the Absinthe and this time he took some Ativan tablets before he drink it. Jiyong lit a cigarette, his mind is full of sadness. Hyung, I can’t stand it anymore..I’m coming to you. I’ve tried to get on with my life but I can’t. Nobody knows how depressive I am after you died. My poker face helps me through the day but in the end all I have is just emptiness. My soul died with you two years ago, hyung.

Again, Jiyong took some Ativan tablets and drink his Absinthe in a quick shot. It’s my life so I decided what I am going to do with it. Some people might say that I’m stupid because I threw my career, my fortune and my life away just like that but for me this is the right decision. The best decision I ever made after that terrible day. I want to be with you and if I can’t be with you in this life then I want to be with you in the afterlife. I’m aware of my choice and I won’t regret it.

His head became lighter now. Trying to stay focus, Jiyong took a handful of Ativan, put them all in his mouth and grabbed the bottle of Absinthe, drink it all until the last drop of it. With his visions became blurry, he slowly walks to the bed and flopped on it. He had no idea how many tablets he already swallowed, 20? 30? Or even more? But he knew the effect is begin to working now.

With his frail body lying on the king size bed, Jiyong started to laughing. He is hallucinating now, he saw a white unicorn in the room, a big lollipop candy with rainbow color, a giant red mushroom with white dots on the top of it and a cat with big grin on it’s face. Hey, you look like the Cheshire cat! Jiyong giggles. Am I became Jiyong in the wonderland? But where is my prince charming now??

Suddenly he saw Seunghyun standing next to the bed. Hyung! He tried to get up and hug him but he failed. He can’t move his body and his voice won’t come out. He starting to cry, feeling so sad and miserable. Hyung! Why do you only looking at me? Why don’t you hug me or even say a word? Don’t you love me anymore? Jiyong sobbed quietly.

Somehow he heard Seunghyun’s tender voice talking to him. I still love you more than anything I could ever imagine, Jiyong-ie. Are you sure with what you are doing right now? Your time hasn’t come yet so you’re still able to come back to life. Jiyong nodded his head firmly. I know what I’m doing and even if I failed to kill myself this time, I will do it again and again until I succeed. I’m nothing without you, hyung! Can’t you see how much I suffered?! I’m tired of pretending that I’m alright, I wanna be fucking selfish and end it all at once!

This time Seunghyun reached his hand and Jiyong grab it without any hesitate. He can feel Seunghyun’s warm hand like when he was alive. They’re hugging each other without saying any word. Seunghyun smiles and kiss Jiyong’s lips gently. He hold Jiyong’s trembling hand and whispered, “Let’s go, my love. From now on, we will be together forever and nothing can separate us anymore.”