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February 4th, 2013

Genre : Fluff, romance

Pairing : Tora/Saga

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Summary : Usually Saga is a calm and patience kind of guy but once he gets angry, this cute little kitty will turn into a fiery tigress.

“I’m home!” Tora took off his shoes and wear his favorite black slipper. “Meeooww!” Chickin run to his master, wanting him to pet his fluffy body. Tora smiled and petting Chickin lovingly, making the cat purred. Suddenly he heard something is being thrown to the floor.

Chikusho! Baka!” Saga cursed in anger. Tora rushed to the living room only to find his angry lover sitting on the couch, busy with the nail polish remover.

Doushita no, Sagacchi?” Tora picked up the small bottle of black nail polish on the floor. “I thought this Chanel Black Satin is your favorite nail polish but now you’re abusing it?” “This is the third time I messed up! I can do perfectly to my right hand but when I do to my left hand, it’s a disaster!” Saga snapped.

Tora smiled patiently. My Sagacchi is still having a bad mood.. He pulled Saga gently off the black leather couch, “Have you remove the rest of the nail polish completely?” Saga nodded. “Then wash your hand and I’ll apply the nail polish for you. Okay?”

After Saga washed his hands, he sit next to his handsome lover. “Please do it properly..” Saga mumbled.

“Your wish is my command, Sagacchi,” Tora give a peck on Saga’s hand before he apply the black nail polish. “I always like your lanky fingers, they’re so pretty.” Saga only shrugged without giving any answer. Tora knew that lately Saga is upset about something and he’s also a type that not easy to spill his heart out even to Tora, his own lover.

“It’s done! Look at them, kawaii desu ne?” Tora smiled brightly while Saga looking at his nails and muttered ‘thank you’.

Tora stroke Saga’s dark blonde hair, “Sagacchi, please tell me what’s bothering you..”

“Nevermind. Just forget it!” Saga scowled. Tora took a sip of his Oolong tea and sighed, “I knew you very well, Sagacchi. Please tell me what I’ve done wrong because you’re being so cold to me lately.”

Saga rolled his eyes as he laughing cynically, “Nani yo? If you knew me very well then you should’ve known why I’m acting like this, Tora-kun!”

“But I can’t read your mind, that’s why I’m asking you.”

“We only have two weeks off before we must prepare Alice Nine tour, remember?! And we were free since three days ago! I thought we could do something fun together but no, you are still busy with your work! It’s damn annoying!” Saga is angry now.

Usually Saga is a calm and patience kind of guy but once he gets angry, it will be nasty. Tora took a deep breath, “ Sagacchi, I told you before that Shou asked me to help his new project so I..”

“As always, you do everything for Shou!! Shou want this..Shou need that.. Always Shou!! It seems that he is the most important thing in your life!!” Saga scolding Tora, making the latter gawked.

Nan da yo?! You are the most important thing in my life, Saga!!” Saga knew if Tora called him ‘Saga’, it means the situation is serious but hell, he’s also furious so let’s just spit it out then.

“Do you know how it makes me feel, Tora?! I’m your lover but you’d rather spend your time with Shou than with me!! Is that because he’s prettier and cuter than me?! Just tell me honestly if you want to break up!! Don’t you dare to deceive me!!” Saga screamed at the top of his lungs.

Tora shook his head firmly, “I will never deceive you, Saga. And you fucking know that!”

Saga hissed, “Hontou ni desu ka?! Well, it’s kinda’ hard to believe because several times on the interviews, you always said that you’d choose Shou as your lover!! Never even once you mentioned my name!! Is that how you really feel, Tora?! That you actually wanted Shou to be your lover?!”

Yamero yo, Saga! It’s enough! Shou and I are just friends and I never wanted him to be my lover! You are the one that I ever wanted and nobody else! You’re beautiful, cute, sexy, kind and smart. You make me happy and make my life complete! And that’s the truth..” Tora cupped Saga’s face, “I love you very much, Sagacchi.”

Saga lowered his head, didn’t know what to say. Tora pulled him to his embrace and strokes Saga’s back gently, “From now on, I promise I’ll say your name if someone ask me about those lover thing. I really don’t have any specific intention when I said I want Shou to be my lover, I just thought it’s easier because we were old friends and he knew exactly I never meant that.”

“I’m sorry, Sagacchi. I never want to hurt your feelings. Gomennasai.”

Saga staring at Tora’s beautiful hazel eyes, trying to find any traces of lies which is nowhere to find. Saga sighed, buried his face deeper in Tora’s neck and tightened his grip to his lover’s body.

“Sagacchi, I also have something important to tell you,” Tora whispered in Saga’s ear.


“We have to pack our things.”

“Pack our things? Naze desu ka?” Saga asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Because tomorrow morning we will go to Koriyama. I’ve already booked the biggest and the most comfortable room at Shikisai Ichiriki hotel. We will spend our days relaxing and doing whatever you wanna do there. You really love your hometown, do you?”

“Kyaaaaaa! Seriously?!” Saga widened his eyes and squealed happily.

Tora chuckled as he nodded, “Yup! Do you like it?”

Saga giving sweet kisses all over Tora’s face, “I’m very, very happy and excited! It’s been a while ago since I visit Koriyama and now it’s even better because you will come along! Oh, I want to eat usukawa manju, mamadoru and yubeshi! Mmmmm..yummy!”

Suddenly Saga startled, “Wait a minute! How about Chickin-chan?! Who will take care of him while we are away?”

“I’ve asked Hiropon to take care of Chickin-chan and he’s more than happy to do that,” Tora replied as he rubbing his nose to Saga’s nose, making the latter giggles.

Wakatta! Oy Chickin-chan, otosan and okasan will go for a while so don’t be naughty, okay? Okasan will give you a nice candy if you behave yourself,” Saga lifted Chickin to his chest and give a peck on Chickin’s cheek.

Tora grinned, he’s always fond the way Saga called themselves ‘otosan’ and ‘okasan’ for their cat. Sagacchi is just too cute! A very cute okasan!

“Sagacchi, don’t forget to bring the purple kimono I gave you last month.”

Saga raised his eyebrows, “Oh? Do you want me to wear the kimono there? But it’s a ladies kimono that you gave me, remember?”

Tora winked his eyes, “Yes. I love to see you in that kimono and I want you to wear it in the evening, only for my pleasure. I won’t let anybody else enjoying the beautiful view of my pretty lover wearing a kimono.”

With his mischievous smile, Saga sensually approaching Tora and sit on his lap. He buried his nails on Tora’s scalp as he whispered in Tora’s ear, “So you want me to be your kinky geisha and doing naughty things with you? Hmmmm?”

Tora groaned when Saga begin to lick his earlobe. “You little tease!” Tora muttered as he grope Saga’s curvy ass. “I’ll bring the handcuffs and the rest of the bondage kit. Be prepared, for I will ravish you, pretty boy! Oshiri pen pen!

Saga can’t hide his excitement when he heard Tora’s ‘warning’, he’s starting to grind his hips and whispered, “Bed! Now!” Without thinking any further, Tora lifted Saga’s slender body and carry him to their room.

“You asked for this, baby!” Tora mumbled as he crashed his lips on Saga’s pink lips. “Tomorrow you’ll definitely have a sore ass!”




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