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Genre : Smut

Pairing : Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)/Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)

Rating : NC-17

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Summary : The best afterglow ever!

“Baby..” Seunghyun called Jiyong with his deep sultry voice. The latter was sitting in front of his laptop, busy with all the music notes, “Hmmmm?” Jiyong replied, eyes still focused on the screen. “It’s almost midnight now. You should take a rest,” Seunghyun approached his lover, strokes his dark hair gently. “I know but I’m not finished yet, oppa and you know I can’t sleep before I’m done with this..”

Jiyong always call Seunghyun ‘oppa’ when it’s only the two of them and no one else is around.   Seunghyun smirked, “I will make you feel good and relax, baby,” he begin to nibble Jiyong’s right ear and licking his earlobe, making the younger male moaned.

“Oppaaaa..this is not fair! You know exactly my weakness!” Jiyong pretending to be mad at his lover but hell, who can resist the sexy Choi Seunghyun anyway? Seunghyun chuckled as he pulled Jiyong to their king size bed, “You’re so tense, baby. I’ll give you a massage, a special one.” Jiyong gulped, his body begin to tingle when he heard those words. Seunghyun lit three pink jasmine candles, which he specially bought at the Bloomingdale’s when he went to New York last week.

He turned off the light and sit behind Jiyong, his hands begin to massage Jiyong’s neck and shoulder. “Oh it feels good..” Jiyong mumbled with his eyes closed. “And those candles, mmmm..it smells very nice.” “I’m glad you like it,” he replied as he massaging Jiyong’s back. “Shall I take my shirt off?” Jiyong asked innocently. “Getting impatience, baby?” Seunghyun teased his cute lover, making him blushed. “Ah oppa! That’s not what I mean! I..I just thought it’s gonna be easier for you to massage me!” Seunghyun laughed as he pulled Jiyong’s shirt, “I’ll take everything off now, Jiyong-ie,” without wasting any time, he strip Jiyong with nothing left on his body.

Seunghyun grabbed something from the table, open the lid and rub the content on Jiyong’s back. “What is that? Smells delicious..and sexy!” Jiyong asked curiously. Seunghyun showed him the tube. “Kissable massage lotion in berry passion. Omo! You went to Victoria’s Secret too in New York?” “Yup! And tonight we will see if it’s as good as they said,” Seunghyun replied as he finished rubbing every inch of Jiyong’s naked body with the lotion.

He smiled as he admiring Jiyong’s slender body, “You’re so damn sexy, baby. I’m addicted to your body, your flawless milky skin, everything in you is so breathtaking,” Jiyong giggles, feeling happy and proud to hear those compliments. Well, if your boyfriend is on the top list of the most sexy man in the nation and he just said that he’s addicted to you, how would you feel?

“Really, oppa? My handsome Seunghyun oppa is addicted to my body?” Jiyong purred and winked coyly to Seunghyun. “Yes, I’m addicted to you, my mischievous pretty boy,” Seunghyun answered as he strip himself.

He begin to kiss Jiyong now, brushing his lips, playfully licking it until Jiyong parted his lips, allowing Seunghyun’s tongue to do the salsa and dance with his own tongue. Seunghyun placing feather-like kisses across Jiyong’s jaw and chin, making the latter shivered. The older male is now sucking and nibbling the younger’s neck, leaving some red marks on it while his fingers playing and tugging Jiyong’s nipples, making the latter groaned when he felt that sweet sensation all the way to his groin.

Seunghyun murmured, “I’ll please you tonight, baby, so enjoy it.” He put his hand on Jiyong’s neck while the other hand travels down on his spine, to his waist and finally to his butt, squeeze it tightly. Jiyong could feel Seunghyun’s hard erection pressing his own, making him craving for more,

Seunghyun pushed Jiyong gently, made him lying on the bed while he run his hot tongue on Jiyong’s hard nipples. Jiyong bite his lips, trying to suppress his moan when Seunghyun slowly licking his belly and playing with his navel, poking his tongue inside. “Aaaaahh..oppa,” Jiyong moaned, hands clawing the sheet. “You taste like blueberry. Delicious!” Seunghyun mumbled as he grabbed Jiyong’s hips and begin to nibble his hipbone, making Jiyong arched his back, nearly convulse.

His hand reached for Jiyong’s hard and twitching cock, stroking it slowly. “Oppaaaa, pleaseee..” Jiyong is getting impatient. Seunghyun smirked, he lick the tip of Jiyong’s cock and replied, “What, baby? Tell me what you want?” Jiyong sulking now, “You know what I want!” “I want to hear it,” Seunghyun replied as he keep on running his tongue all over the length, up and down. “Dammit, suck it!!” “Oh? Where’s your manner now?” Seunghyun keep on teasing Jiyong. “Oppa, suck it, pleaseeeee..” Jiyong wailed.

Seunghyun pushed his tongue in the slit of Jiyong’s leaking cock, then put the entire length in his mouth, sucking it hard. “Aaaahh..yes, oppa..mmmhh! It feels good!” Seunghyun bobbing his head for several times, stopped for a while to nibble Jiyong’s balls and continued to suck Jiyong’s cock. From the way he moaned, Seunghyun knew that Jiyong almost approach his climax, “Ssssshhh..aaahh! Oppa! Aaaahh..I’m..I’m coming!” Jiyong can’t hold it any longer and he came hard in Seunghyun’s mouth.

Seunghyun swallowed the cum of his pretty lover, “Mmmm..tasty as always!” he chuckled and kiss Jiyong’s lips, allowing the younger male to taste his own essence. Jiyong trying to catch his breath, “Oppa..it was..great!” They’re lying next to each other with their sweaty body. Seunghyun glanced at Jiyong. His swollen, crimson lips, flushed cheeks, half lidded eyes, body glistening with sweat, everything in him is so damn luscious, making Seunghyun wants to fuck him senselessly.

Jiyong approached Seunghyun, pressing his lips against his lover and chewing his lower lips gently. Seunghyun is aroused with the way Jiyong move his body, grinding his hips, letting the older male to know that he is ready for the second round. “Want some more, baby?” Jiyong nodded as he glanced at Seunghyun’s big and hard cock. “I want my lollipop..” he replied with high pitched voice. Seunghyun chuckled, “It’s all yours.”

Jiyong bent down, wrapping his lips around Seunghyun’s pulsating cock. Sucking the tip gently, licking the precum like a kitten licking the milk. Seunghyun closed his eyes, enjoying the precious moment. Jiyong puckered his lips, slowly pumping his head. The heat around his cock and Jiyong’s naughty slurpy sound while he savoring his cock is driving Seunghyun crazy. He growled, his hands tugging Jiyong’s hair, shoving the entire length into his pretty mouth.

Jiyong engulfed the cock, almost gagging himself but he didn’t care. All he ever wanted is to pleased his lover. Suddenly Seunghyun pulled Jiyong up, making the younger male to lie flat on his back. “Suck,” he put his index and middle fingers inside Jiyong’s mouth and the latter suck it obediently. “Be prepared, baby,” Seunghyun said with sultry voice as he begin to scissoring Jiyong’s hole, making the latter gasped. “Aaaahh..oppaaa..mmmmmhh,” Jiyong let out a needy moan from his wet lips. The looks on Jiyong’s face never failed to mesmerize Seunghyun, the way Jiyong bite his own lips, the way he sensually move..gosh!

Seunghyun pulled Jiyong closer now, positioning himself while Jiyong wrapped his skinny legs around his lover’s waist. Seunghyun rubbed his cock in front of Jiyong’s hole, teasing him. “Oppaaaa..fuck me!” Jiyong wailed, eager to feel the sensation.

Seunghyun slammed his big and hard cock into Jiyong’s hole, making Jiyong screamed because of the sudden intrusion. He frowned, biting his lips, trying to somehow ease the pain. Seunghyun kissed Jiyong’s face, “Tell me when you ready, baby..” he said patiently, giving the time for Jiyong to adjust the size.

“Oppa..now..” Jiyong whispered, enjoying Seunghyun’s lustful face. Seunghyun begin to move his hips slowly, Jiyong winced from the pain but he keep trying to relax his muscle. “Sssshhhh..you’re so tight,” Seunghyun mumbled as he thrust his cock in and out Jiyong’s tight hole. After a while, Seunghyun begin to thrust faster and Jiyong grinding his hips at the same pace. Jiyong moaned, begging for more. It seems that the pain is replaced by pleasure now.

“Aaaahh, yes..oppa, fuck me! More..mmmmhhh!” That sexy moan sounds like a music in Seunghyun’s ear so he’s more than delighted to slammed harder, faster and deeper into Jiyong’s sensitive walls, creating more friction until he hit that particular spot, making the younger male howled in pleasure. “Oppaaa..aaaahh! I’m..coming!” Jiyong screamed, releasing his cum all over Seunghyun’s perfect abs.

Seunghyun groaned, almost reaching his climax either. “Fuck! Yes!”with one hard thrust, he came and filled Jiyong’s hole with his cum. Seunghyun slumped next to his lover, both of them are panting hard, satisfied and exhausted at the same time.

Jiyong grabbed some Kleenex from the small table next to their bed and carefully wipe the cum off Seunghyun’s abs. Seunghyun caress Jiyong’s cheek, “Are you happy with me, baby?” Jiyong smiled as he nodded, “Of course. And you?” Seunghyun pulled Jiyong into his embrace and sighed, “I’m happy with you..but,” he stopped for a while, making Jiyong startled. “But what??” Jiyong asked impatiently. “I will be happier if..” Seunghyun smiled shyly and whispered, “if we are getting married.”


“Baby, please don’t be mad, okay? I..I was just thinking..”




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Dec. 18th, 2012 09:09 am (UTC)
errr... allow me to pass out a few minutes..

Dec. 18th, 2012 09:12 am (UTC)
i'm baaaaaack !!! and... and you said you couldn't make a smut. hmph! i love this 'oppa' calling from the uke.. hahahh!!
Dec. 18th, 2012 12:03 pm (UTC)
Babygiiiiiirl, I keep on blushing when I wrote this fic! >.<

But do you really like it?? ~thank goodness~

And what means 'uke'?
Dec. 21st, 2012 04:13 pm (UTC)
my lady however it is you are far better than me in anyways. You WROTE. I ONLY READ.
uke means the bottom in a boy/boy relationship. seme is the top. it's yaoi term. ^ ^ can't believe you didn't know it.. hahah.. i love you !!
Dec. 19th, 2012 04:24 am (UTC)
waahhhhh! its so cute and smutty at the same time.. i'm dying here!
Dec. 20th, 2012 10:33 am (UTC)
Oh noooo! Please don't die! Gtop fics needs you!

^^ Thanks, dear. I'm glad you like it.
Dec. 19th, 2012 04:36 am (UTC)
Wow! You keep impressing me with your writing skills! Sorry I could not comment first, I just got some free time to myself and I read this great story you wrote. I do not have the confidence to attempt smut:/ But I am glad you are pushing your boundries as a writer because I can tell you hold nothing back when you make this art. I loved it!
Dec. 20th, 2012 10:40 am (UTC)
Hello my dear friend, thank you for your sweet compliments. And please believe me, someday you will be able to write a smut fic.

I always thought that I will NEVER able to write a smut fics, did you read Jessewht's comment? She's also my very good friend & I told her I couldn't make smut but then, when the time comes, you just wrote it. Put all your idea & fantasy in it & the rest will come along.

I will always support you, just like you always support me. And I'm eager to read your new Gtop fic ^^ ~Fighting!~
Dec. 25th, 2012 12:58 am (UTC)
A hot fanfic with a very romantic ending, great!
Thank you so much for sharing this story with us.
Merry Christmas!
Dec. 26th, 2012 03:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Atenais_Pala ^^

I'm more than happy to share this story & to know that someone out there is reading it.

Merry Christmas too! ;)
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