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Spider Lily (2/?)

Genre : Romance, angst
Pairing : Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)/Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot
Summary : Finally Jiyong met the love of his life. But their happiness didn't seem to last forever..

“Ah!” Jiyong shrieked when suddenly someone covered his eyes. Jiyong grabbed the hand of the attacker and when he felt the rings on his hand, he begin to laugh, “Aish! Youngbae-ah!” “Jeez! I’m busted! Did you recognize me from my rings?” asked Youngbae as he sit in front of Jiyong. “Of course! You’re the only one I knew wearing diamond skull ring, the smileys ring and the white gold star shaped ring,” Jiyong smirked.

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m thirsty, do you want something?” Youngbae asked. “No, thanks. I’ve just had my second mango jelly.” “Ah, of course. With that tall guy, right? Who is he?”

Jiyong smiled brightly, “Did you see him? He’s handsome, right? But wait a minute, aren’t you supposed to go to the extra class?” “It was cancelled. Now tell me, who is that guy?”

Jiyong showed him the business card. “Choi Seunghyun, counselor of Industrial Affairs. Hmmm, not bad. A young executive. How did you know him?” asked Youngbae curiously. Jiyong told him about their first meeting in the library and their coincidentally second meeting at the Mango Six.

“Jiyong-ie, you know, they said there’s no such thing as coincidence.” “Oh? Is that mean Seunghyun and I are fated to meet each other? And the cupid will play a role between us? Aigo!” Jiyong use both hands to cover his blushing cheek. “Yah! You watched too much drama! Tssk!” Youngbae scowled. “But there’s nothing wrong if I’m in love with him, right? We can be a nice couple!”

“All I’m saying is, take your time. Don’t act rashly. I’ve known you since we were 10, Jiyong-ie. And when you really want something, you’ll do anything to get it without thinking rationally. Am I right?”

Jiyong sticking out his tongue, “Not always! Youngbae, I like Seunghyun hyung and I really want him to be my boyfriend. There’s something irresistible about him, perhaps the charisma or something else, I don’t know,” Jiyong grinned as he begin to sing, “One way or another I’m gonna get you.. I’m gonna get you, get you, get you..one way or another!”

Youngbae chuckled, “Crazy boy!” Jiyong laughed, “I’m crazy in love!”


The next day, Jiyong is sitting alone in the patio, eyes focused on Seunghyun’s business card. Shall I call him now? Or maybe it’s too early? But why should I wait longer anyway?

“Young master, would you like something to drink?” suddenly the housekeeper is standing next to him. “Oh, that’s a good idea. I want a glass of melon juice, please,” Jiyong replied. “Very well, sir.” “Ahjusshi, did my father call? I haven’t heard from him for the last two weeks.”

Jiyong always called the housekeeper ‘ahjusshi’ because he and his wife are working very long for them. His wife, the ‘ahjumma’, is Jiyong’s nanny. She’s the one who practically raised Jiyong because his mother had postnatal depression after he was born. Since then, mrs. Kwon has never showed any interest to her only son.

“No, young master. I haven’t heard anything from Master Kwon as well. But madam Kwon was here last night to pick up some stuff and she went directly to New York,” the housekeeper replied. Jiyong smiled bitterly, his mom was here in Seoul and she didn’t even bother to call him.

“Ahjusshi, please bring the juice to my room, okay? It’s very hot out here,” said Jiyong as he walk inside the mansion. In his room, Jiyong finally decided to call Seunghyun. Whatever! If I don’t call him now, I will keep on thinking about it so just do it then!

After a few minutes, Jiyong hung up the phone. Seunghyun hyung didn’t answer the phone. Tssk! Maybe it’s a bad idea afterall! He threw himself onto the bed, closing his eyes and fell asleep until the buzzing sound of his phone wakes him up.

“Yoboseyo..” Jiyong answered with sleepy voice. “Hello, you are speaking with Choi Seunghyun. I notice that you called me an hour ago?” Jiyong’s eyes are wide open now, “Hyung! It’s me, Jiyong. That’s right, I called you but you didn’t pick up the phone..” “Oh, hi Jiyong! I was in a meeting, that’s why I didn’t pick up the phone. Nice to hear your voice again. How are you?”

“I’m fine. And you?” Jiyong trying hard to stay cool although he felt so nervous as hell. “Pfff! Busy, tired, need some fresh air. I love the nature and I’m thinking about going to Namsan park this weekend. Would you like to go with me?” Seunghyun asked. “Omo! Yes! Uhmm, I mean..yeah, that sounds great,” Jiyong cursing himself for being too excited.

“Great! Shall we meet at the Seoul station? We can go with the subway. I’d rather not going with the car because it’s always very busy at the parking area and the chance that you got a place to park the car is small,” Seunghyun replied. “Okay and what time shall we meet?” “10 o’clock?”

Jiyong smiled, “Alright hyung, see you on Saturday, 10 o’clock at Seoul station.” “See you then. Bye, Jiyong.” After he make sure that Seunghyun had hung up, Jiyong squealed in delight, feeling happy and excited at the same time.


“We’re lucky with the weather. It’s sunny but not too hot,” Seunghyun said as he and Jiyong walking in Namsan Park. “Yeah, it’s nice to be here sometimes. Do you like the nature very much, hyung?” Seunghyun nodded, “Yes, I have some favorite spots in Holland and Germany. Well, to be honest, I’d rather go to Germany to enjoy the nature there. Like the area at the Mosel vineyard, for example. It’s very beautiful and also a nice route to ride on a motorbike.”

“You ride a motorbike? Wow! That’s cool!” said Jiyong. “Thanks. Shall we walk to the botanical garden now? I wonder if they have my favorite flower there,” Seunghyun replied. “Let me guess, is your favorite flower a tulip? Because it reminds you of Holland?” “Nope. It’s something else. You’ll see..”

They keep on walking when suddenly, “Ouch!” Jiyong stumble and almost fell on the ground. Lucky for him, Seunghyun catch his hand right on time, “Are you okay?” “Yes, silly me!” Jiyong grumbled. Seunghyun smiled and holding Jiyong’s hand gently, “Then I’ll hold your hand to make sure that you won’t fall, alright?”

Oh my God! Mr. Hottie here will hold my hand to make sure I won’t fall?! Someone please pinch me!

Jiyong nodded as he grinned widely like Cheshire cat. Seunghyun’s hand enveloping Jiyong’s hand now and their fingers intertwined perfectly.

“Jiyong, look. This is my favorite flower,” Seunghyun said as he pointing his finger to some particular flowers. “The white one or the red one?” Jiyong asked. “The white one.” “It reminds me of the seeds of Eywa in the Avatar movie. What kind of flower is that, hyung?” “They called Spider Lily.”

Jiyong smiled, “It’s an unique flower indeed. I never saw that flower before, only the regular lily. And why is that become your favorite flower?”

“Because it reminds me of something important in life.” “And that is?”

“Spider Lily is also called the flower of separation, kind of symbol for tragic love. The flower petals and the leaves are reaching for each other but the flower can only blossom when the leaves are all withered away. They miss one another to grow the sprout and blossom the flower but in the end, they leave their yearning for each other and never unite,” Seunghyun explained.

“And there’s a legend about the spider lily. Manju, the elf, is the guardian of the flower and Saka, another elf, is the guardian of the leaves. Out of curiosity, they defied their fate of guarding the plant alone and decided to meet each other. And when they did, they fell in love at the first sight. God was very angry for their waywardness and punished them with a curse, the flowers of Manju will never meet the leaves of Saka. Even in death, they still love each other but unfortunately they’re never meant to be together.”

Jiyong bite his lips, a strange feeling of sadness filled his heart, “It’s very sad, hyung..and painful.” Seunghyun nodded, “It’s sad and painful but it’s also beautiful at the same time. It reminds me that we are only mere human, with our own fate and destiny. No matter how much you want something and how hard you try but in the end, if it’s never meant to be yours then you’ll never have it.”

Jiyong sighed, “I guess you were right.” Seunghyun smiled as he cupped Jiyong’s gloomy face, “Hey, where’s your lovely smile now? Did my story make you sad?” Jiyong nodded weakly, “Yes. Why does such a lovely flower have to represent something sorrowful? And it’s awful if you can’t be with the one you love.”

Seunghyun tightened his grip on Jiyong’s hand, “That’s life, Jiyong. When there’s laughter then there’s also tears. Now don’t be sad anymore, okay? If I buy you some ice cream, will you smile for me again?” Seunghyun teasing the younger male. Jiyong giggles, “Am I look like a 5 years old boy?” “Actually..hmmm..yes!” Seunghyun laugh as he run away from Jiyong. “Aaahh, hyuuungg!” Jiyong laughing as he chasing after him.

Few hours later, they decided to go home. Jiyong felt so tired and rest his head to the window of the subway. Seunghyun gently pulled Jiyong’s head so he can lean his head on Seunghyun’s shoulder, well, more like on his broad chest actually. “You can sleep more comfortable here, Jiyong,” Seunghyun murmured as he caressed Jiyong’s soft cheek. Jiyong smiled before he shut his eyes and begin to slumber.

Time goes by and suddenly Jiyong heard Seunghyun’s deep voice, “Jiyong, wake up. We are at the Seoul station now.” “Huh?” Jiyong opened his eyes, feeling a bit giddy. “Are you okay?” Seunghyun asked. Jiyong only nodded although the muscle on his neck is a bit painful.

When he straightened his head, Jiyong noticed the trails of saliva from his mouth. He looked over Seunghyun’s jacket and let out a scream, making the older male aghast. “What’s wrong?” Seunghyun asked.

Jiyong blabbering some words as he pointing at Seunghyun’s jacket. Seunghyun looked at his jacket and then looked at Jiyong and to his jacket once again. “You..did this?” he asked. And there’s nothing Jiyong ever wanted so badly except to disappear right here, right now.


“You did WHAT?!” Seungri laughed hysterically like a hyena while Jiyong buried his face on one of his pillow, “I know..it’s terrible! My God! I’m such an idiot, a loser!”

“Okay, let me get this straight. It was your first date with the man of your dream, everything went smooth and nicely and on the way home, he was being a gentleman and offered you his shoulder so you can rest your head. You fell asleep and..and you drool on his jacket?!” Seungri begin to laugh again.

“And he wore a grey jacket so it’s very obvious to see the stain. Jeez! I never felt so embarrassed like this before,” Jiyong rolled his petite body on his bed. “So what you are going to do, hyung?” Seungri asked. “I don’t know. I mean, I apologize directly and told him that I want to pay for the laundry but he said it’s not necessary. Pfff! I guess I should just forget about him,” Jiyong sighed.

“Hyung, don’t give up easily. Okay, it’s embarrassing but hey, nobody’s perfect. We all do something silly once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Seungri trying to comfort his best friend. “Yeah but I’m definitely don’t have the guts to call him again. No way.”

“But from the way he act, I think he likes you.” “Until I drool on his jacket!” Jiyong grunted and grabbed his buzzing phone, “Omo! Seungri-ah! It’s him!” “What?” “It’s him! Seunghyun hyung is calling me right now!” Seungri jumped next to Jiyong, “What are you waiting for?! Answer the phone!” “But..I..” Jiyong hesitated. “If you don’t answer it then I will!” Seungri growled.

“Yoboseyo,” Jiyong answered with squeaky voice. “Hi Jiyong, how are you?” Seunghyun replied. “Uhhmm..fine.” “Great. Well, I..uh, I just want to tell you that I really enjoy our trip together to Namsan park last Saturday. I wonder if you enjoy it also?” Jiyong is dumbfounded. “Jiyong? Are you there?” “Oh yes. I like it also but hyung..uhmm..” “Yes?” “Did you mad at me because of..eh, the jacket incident?”

“No, silly. Of course not. Did you think I’m mad at you because of that?” Seunghyun laughed. “Yes and I was soooo ashamed of myself!” “Jiyong, it’s not a big deal. In fact, I think you’re so cute when you’re sleeping..and drooling,” Seunghyun chuckled. Jiyong blushed and pout at the same time, “So I’m not cute when I’m awake?”

“When you’re awake, you’re even more cute and adorable. And that’s why I like you.” Jiyong gulped, “You..like..me?” “Yes.” “Really?” “Yes, I’m not kidding. Oh, I have to go now. Bye, Jiyong” Seunghyun hung up the phone while Jiyong is still agape.

Seungri shook Jiyong’s shoulder, “Omo! Did he say he likes you? Hyung?!” Jiyong blinked his eyes, “Yes..he did say that he likes me..” Seungri hugging his best friend tight, “I’m happy for you, hyung! Now it’s time for you to be happy with your loved one!”


Today is Friday and Seunghyun hyung said that he always finished at six or seven p.m. Okay! I’ll wait for him outside the office and then I will ask him to have dinner with me at The Sky Lounge. Nice surprise, right?

After waiting for almost an hour, finally Jiyong saw Seunghyun came out of the building. But he was not alone, a beautiful woman with long blond hair is holding his hand. Behind them were couple of other people and they’re all laughing happily.

Jiyong was dumbfounded for a while and he decided to leave without letting Seunghyun know he was there. But he was too late. Seunghyun saw him, “Jiyong! Hi! What are you doing here?” “Oh..hi, hyung. I..I was just passing by,” Jiyong lied.

“Is he a friend of yours?” the blond haired lady asked. “Yes. Jiyong, this is Claudia. And Claudia, this is Jiyong.” The lady giggles, “Nice to meet you, Jiyong. And you never told me about him, sweety!”

Sweety?! She called Seunghyun hyung ‘sweety’?!

Seunghyun smirked, “Claudia, I’ll take you home now. Jiyong, please excuse us but we have to leave. I will call you later.” “Bye, Jiyong,” said Claudia with her hand still clinging on Seunghyun’s arm.

Jiyong smiled faintly without saying any word. His eyes gazing at Seunghyun and Claudia as the two of them entering the car.




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