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Sacred Love (1/2)

Genre : Angst, romance

Pairing : Tora/Saga

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Warning : Character death

Summary : Life is unfair and fate can be so cruel. That’s a fact that we can’t change.

It’s almost 01.30 a.m. when Tora walking along the busy street of ‘the sleepless town’ Kabuki-cho. He lit his Marlboro menthol and inhale it deeply. He didn’t regret his decision to refuse the celebration of his birthday. It was a hectic evening in the club where he work as a host and now all he ever wanted is just to go home and get some sleep. He accelerate his pace to the station when he felt the raindrop fell from the dark sky above his head.

Oy, baita! You are good for nothing! How can you have no money at all, huh?!” the loud voice of a drunken man in the small alley nearby the station caught Tora’s attention.

“Hey Shinosuke, we smacked him quite hard but he didn’t make a sound at all! Is he mute or something?”

The guy called Shinosuke scoffed, “I don’t give a shit if he’s mute or just an idiot! All I want to do is to fuck him hard! Right here, right now! His girly face is freakin’ tempting, making me so damn horny!”

The second guy laughed like a crazy hyena, “Just do it then! When will you get any chance to fuck such a pretty porcelain doll like that, huh?!”

Shinosuke begin to unzipped his pants and yanked the boy’s hair, “Little slut, open your sexy mouth and suck my dick!”

Hottoke yo!! Leave him alone, hentai yaro!!” Tora screamed in anger.

Omae wa dare da?! It’s none of your fucking business!!” Shinosuke replied, feeling mad and annoyed because someone bothered him. “Or perhaps you just want to join us in this feast, huh?! Then shut up and wait for your turn, otherwise Ryou and me will beat you to death!”

With a quick move, Tora gave a hard strike to Shinosuke’s face and before Ryou could do anything, Tora kicked him right in his crotch. His judo skills never failed him even once. Tora fight like an angry tiger, strong and fearless. Without any difficulty, he’s able to defeat those two bastards, making them running in fear.

Tora kneeled in front of the boy and saw the blood flowing from his nose and the corner of his lips, staining the boy’s white shirt. He looks petrified and confused at the same time.

“Don’t be scared, okay? I’m not gonna hurt you,” said Tora softly as he handed his handkerchief, “Use this for your bleeding nose.” The boy only staring at Tora blankly. “Uhmm..do you understand what I’m saying? Can you hear me?” The boy nodded, making Tora sighed in relief.

“You can hear me but you can’t speak, am I right?” Once again the boy nodded. Tora staring at the boy’s eyes, wondering why are those eyes so beautiful and gloomy at the same time. He always believe that the eyes are the window to the soul.

“My name is Amano Shinji but everyone calls me Tora. Can you tell me your name?” Tora searching for something in his pockets. “Oh crap! I don’t have any pen or paper with me..”

The boy slowly reaching for Tora’s hand and using his index finger to write his name on Tora’s palm. S-A-G-A.

“Saga? Your name is Saga?” The boy nodded.

Tora grinned, “Cool! But what is your real name?” Saga shook his head.

“Well, how about your house? Where do you live?” The smaller boy only shrugged.

“You have no parents or family? Do you live on the street? Alone?” This time Saga nodded. “Have you any idea how dangerous it is for you to live alone on the street of Tokyo, especially here in Kabuki-cho?” Saga bite his lips and lowered his head.

Tora sighed heavily. What am I supposed to do now? Leave him just like that and go my own way? But what if something bad happen? Saga is mute, he was lucky this time but next time I don’t think he’ll survive.

The rain begin to fall, awaking Tora from his reverie. He took his black coat off and wrapped it around Saga’s frail body. “Come with me, Saga. We’ll go to my apartment and you’ll be safe there,” Tora holding Saga’s trembling hand as they walk away from the alley.


“Welcome to my apartment,” Tora said cheerfully as he open the door. His cat run to him and rubbing his head on Tora’s knees. “Oy Chickin-chan! Do you miss me or you’re just hungry?” Tora chuckled as he fondled Chickin lovingly.

“Saga, please come in, don’t be shy. Or are you afraid of cat?” Saga shook his head and Tora catch a glimpse of faint smile on Saga’s face as he kneeled on the floor and began to fondle Chickin gently. The cat purred and start to licking Saga’s hand, making the smile on Saga’s face even more visible now.

“He likes you,” Saga looking at Tora with a happy smile plastered on his pale face. That smile.. I want to see it more often.

“Saga, why don’t you take a shower now? I have a new tooth brush and some new boxer briefs, you can have them. You can also wear my pyjama..well, I guess it’s too big for you but at least you don’t have to sleep with dirty clothes.”

Saga giving a sign that he wants to write something. “Oh, you need pen and paper?” Saga nodded. Tora handed him a notebook and a pen. Saga immediately begin to write something on it.

Tora-san, thank you very much for saving my life, for everything. I really appreciate it. But I don’t want to be a burden for you so I promise I will leave your house before noon.

Tora frowned, “What the hell? Saga, listen to me carefully. First of all, if you are a burden for me then you won’t be here at this moment. I live alone and you have no place to go so you can stay here as long as you want. I really don’t mind. Second, don’t call me Tora-san. It makes me feels old,” Tora pouted, making Saga blushed and smiled sheepishly.

Gomennasai. I didn’t mean to make you feel like that. From now on I will call you ‘Tora-kun’, okay? And once again thank you for allowing me to stay at your house.

Tora chuckled, “That’s better. And I’ll call you ‘Sagacchi’, kawaii desu ne?” Saga nodded happily.

Half hour later Saga is done with the shower. “Sagacchi, I have a smaller bedroom but I use it as walk-in closet. I’m a host so my appearance is very important, you know. That’s why I have a lot of clothes and shoes. But don’t worry, I must throw some stuff that I don’t use anymore so it won’t be a problem. You can use that room as your bedroom.”

But I can sleep in the living room, Tora-kun. I really don’t mind.

“No, no, no. You won’t be able to sleep there because sometimes Chickin-chan running like a crazy in the middle of the night. Tonight you can sleep in my room. I’ve already prepared the futon for you. So you can take a rest now. Oh I have some ramen or bread in the kitchen if you’re hungry..”

Saga shook his head. “No? Okay then,” Tora replied. Saga looks better now, I hope he’ll be alright. Poor boy. He’s mute, living alone on the street and have no place to go. From now on, I will take good care of him.


“Aaaaahh! I always feel better after taking a shower..I really can’t sleep if I don’t do that,” Tora smiled to Saga who’s lying next to him, watching his every moves.

“You need some clothes and other stuff, right? Later we can go to Ginza, I’ll buy you all the things you need, Sagacchi.” Saga grab the pen and notebook as he lying on his stomach.

Now I really feel terrible. Tora-kun, I AM such a burden for you!

“What are you talking about? Don’t be ridiculous! Listen, I’m one of the most popular host in Kabuki-cho, everybody knows about Tora from Alice in Loveland Club. My income is above the average, not including the bonus and other expensive gifts from my loyal customers.”

Tora grabbed something and show it to Saga, “Here, look at this Hublot Big Bang Black Caviar 41mm. I got this amazing watch today as a gift for my birthday and last year she gave me a Cartier Chronoscaph 21 for my birthday. Another customer gave me a Hermés travel bag, Gucci white gold ring, etc. So don’t worry about the cash I’m about to spend for you, Sagacchi!”

Is today your birthday, Tora-kun?! Tora nodded.

Otanjoubi omedetougozaimasu. After he wrote it, Saga doing a dogeza bow, showing his biggest gratitude to honor Tora.

“Eeeehh! You don’t have to do the dogeza bow to me,” Tora felt awkward.

Saga smiled as he wrote something. It’s my only way to show you how grateful I am. I wish I can do more and giving you a nice present for your birthday..

Tora chuckled, “Well, maybe you are the present I received from God. So that Chickin-chan and I won’t be lonely in this house. Also you won’t be alone anymore because you have us now, Sagacchi.”

I’m so lucky to meet you, Tora-kun. I have a good feeling that everything will be fine because I have you in my life now. And Chickin-chan too, of course. Kekeke.

Tora nodded after he read it. Saga staring at Tora’s beautiful hazel eyes and carefully caressed Tora’s dark brown hair, making the latter smiled.

Tora holding Saga’s delicate hand and whispered, “Oyasuminasai, ii yume o mite ne.”


Ignoring Saga’s protest, Tora bought a lot of clothes and also a phone for him. “Sagacchi, when I’m not home and you need something, just text me. And if there’s an emergency situation, call me and I’ll come home right away, wakarimasu ka?” Saga nodded.

“Great. Now let’s go to Starbucks. I want to drink some coffee.” Tora ordered a grande hot cappuccino for himself and a grande hot caramel macchiato for Saga. “Sagacchi, do you want something to eat? You like pastries and cakes, right?”

Yes, I like it but I’d rather eat something else. “What do you want to eat?” With a bright smile and sparkling eyes, Saga wrote his answer quickly.


“Eeeehh?? Dorayaki??” Tora widened his eyes as Saga nodded eagerly. “Alright. Let’s go get some dorayaki.” Gosh! Sagacchi, do you have any idea how adorable you are??

Tora bought a box full of Dorayaki and gave it to Saga. Arigatou, Tora-kun. Itadakimasu! Saga begin to munch the dorayaki happily. Tora lit his cigarette and smiled as he enjoying the cute view in front of him. You don’t like it?

“Yes, I like it but it’s almost dinner time. When you’re finish eating dorayaki, we’ll go get some groceries. I’ll cook spaghetti tonight, that’s my specialty,” Tora replied after he read the notebook.

Yummy! But I can cook either, Tora-kun. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be the one who’s responsible for the household. I’ll clean the house, do the laundry, cooking, etc. Okay?

Tora nodded, “Okay! It’s a deal. Oh I always forgot to ask you this, how old are you, Sagacchi?”

I’m 19 years old. And you? “I’m 25 years old. Whoa! I thought you’re 16 years old..” Saga blushed. Tora-kun, you’re tall, handsome and a true fashionista. You really look like a celebrity. Lots of people looking at you in awe, especially the girls.

Tora smirked, “Hontou ni? Well, I do like fashion a lot but I’m not doing it to get people’s attention. Especially the girls. I’m NOT into them.”

Wouldn’t it be difficult with your job as a host if you’re not interested in girls? Saga looking at him curiously.

“On the contrary, it’s easier for me because I can be more fair and professional to them without being picky. I mean, I use my logic and not my heart. All the attention I give to my customers are sincere and honest, not because I want to take advantage from them and trust me, they can feel it. Perhaps that’s why I became one of the top list at Kabuki-cho,” Tora explained.

That’s a good mindset, Tora-kun. Now I know why you became one of the best host. Tora sighed, “Thanks but I’m not so happy about myself, Sagacchi.” Saga furrowed his eyebrows, he looks puzzled.

“I feel guilty to my parents, especially to my late father. He always worked very hard so that I can go to a good university. It was his dream and also mine, of course, to become a successful businessman. I studied hard to get the best grades and I succeed. But the lady luck is not on my side,” Tora inhale his cigarette and Saga could see the trace of sadness in Tora’s eyes.

“I applied everywhere for a decent job but always failed. I was so frustrated, I felt like nothing but a loser. Then my father was diagnosed for liver cancer stage 3. That was the turning point when I made up my mind that no matter how, I must make money to support my parents because I’m the only child. So when a friend of mine offered me the job as a host, I took it without any hesitate.”

Saga strokes Tora’s back to comfort him. “Before he died, my father told me that no matter what, he’s always proud of me. And I can do nothing but crying so hard at that time.. I felt so helpless and angry because all the money I made was not able to help him,” Tora said with hoarse voice, trying to hold back his tears.

Tora-kun, I understand how you feel. I really do. It’s very painful when you lost someone you love. And I also agree with your late father. Until now you do everything you can to support your family and that’s what life is all about, to survive. I’m very proud of you, Tora-kun.

Tora ruffled Saga’s hair gently, “Thank you, Sagacchi. I feel like an open book in front of you and I even can trust my life in your hand. Bizarre, right? But it’s a good thing though because it means my instinct have a faith in you.”


“And? What do you think about my spaghetti alla carbonara?” Tora asked curiously. Saga smiled cheerfully as he raised both of his thumbs up. Oishii! I really like it!

Tora grinned, “I’m glad you like it! Now I have to change my clothes and get ready for work. Sorry I haven’t got the time to tidy up the smaller room for you. I promise I will do that tomorrow.”

Saga quickly grabbed the pen and notebook. Uhmm..actually I’d rather to sleep together in your room, Tora-kun. I feel safe and sound when you’re with me, maybe it’s because I’m always alone. But if you don’t like it then I’ll sleep in the other room. Sorry for being impertinent like this.

Tora gawked, “Eeeh? Seriously?” He scratched his head, “Listen, I don’t mind but you know that I always come home around 02.00 a.m. and maybe you won’t be able to sleep well because of me.”

That’s okay with me, it won’t be a problem. Saga staring at Tora with hopeful eyes, making Tora chuckled. “Sagacchi, how can you be so cute, hmmm? I don’t think I can ever say ‘no’ to you,” said Tora as he pinched Saga’s cheeks playfully. Saga wrapped his arms around Tora’s body and give a peck on his cheek.


Time goes by and it has been more than a month since Saga lives together with Tora. They’re very happy because they complete each other.

Tora-kun, you can play the guitar? Saga pointing his finger to the guitar in the other room. “Yeah. But it’s been a while ago since I’ve played the guitar,” Tora replied. Will you please play it for me? “Now? Well..alright. What’s your favorite song, Sagacchi?”

Really?! Sugoi! My favorite song is The Second You Sleep by Saybia. Can you play it?

“That’s a nice song indeed. Okay, I’ll play it for you,” Tora sit on the couch while Saga sit on the floor with Chickin curled on his lap. With full of attention, he listened to the beautiful rhythm of the guitar. Tora played the guitar perfectly and Saga is totally fascinated. He clapped his hand passionately when Tora finished the song.

“I hope you like it,” Tora grinned. Are you kidding me? I LOVE IT! You’re amazing, Tora-kun! Thank you so much!

“You’re welcome. Hey, wanna come with me? I need to buy something for my mom because next month is her birthday. You can come along to Kanagawa if you want.”

Really? Of course I want to meet her but do you think it’s alright? Maybe she don’t like me because I’m just a homeless guy..

Tora hissed, “You’re not a homeless guy, silly. This is your house now. And don’t worry, I’m sure my mom will like you. Also because you can cook very well just like her,” Tora caressed Saga’s soft cheek, making the latter smiled. I will ask her the recipe of your favorite curry.

“Good idea. Let’s go to the shopping mall now.”


Tora noticed that Saga often had nightmares and became so restless in his sleep. One evening, Tora have to wake him up because Saga is crying badly, “Sagacchi, wake up. You’re having a nightmare..” Tora patted Saga’s shoulder softly. Saga jolted in surprise and gasping for breath.

Tora wipe the tears on Saga’s cheeks as he trying to soothe him, “It’s alright, it was just a bad dream. You’re safe with me now. I won’t let anything harm you, Sagacchi.” Saga staring at Tora with fear in his eyes. “Take a deep breath. Everything is okay, just relax and calm down..”

Tora pulled Saga to his embrace gently, “Shall I sing you a song, Sagacchi?” Saga nodded weakly as he snuggled closer to Tora.

“You close your eyes and leave me naked by your side
You close the door so I can't see the love you keep inside
The love you keep for me

It fills me up, it feels like living in a dream, it fills me up so I can't see
The love you keep inside, the love you keep for me..”

Tora stop for a while to give a kiss on Saga’s forehead before he continue to sing.

“I stay to watch you fade away I dream of you tonight
Tomorrow you'll be gone, it gives me time to stay
To watch you fade away
I dream of you tonight, tomorrow you'll be gone
I wish by God you'd stay..”

Saga’s eyes are half closed and somehow Tora felt an indescribable pain in his heart when he saw Saga crying full of sorrow like he did tonight.

“I stay awake, I stay awake and watch you breathe, I stay awake and watch you fly
Away into the night, escaping through a dream
I stay to watch you fade away, I dream of you tonight
Tomorrow you'll be gone
It gives me time to stay, to watch you fade away
I dream of you tonight, tomorrow you'll be gone
I wish by God you'd stay

I wish by God you'd stay..”

Tora sighed, Saga is asleep now. He don’t understand why Saga never told him about his nightmares. Sagacchi, instead of a flawless person, I want someone I can protect. And as long as I’m alive, I will always protect you. I will make you happy and I won’t let you shed tears of sadness anymore. I promise you that.


“Sagacchi, I have something for you! But first you have to close your eyes,” said Tora with a wide grin on his face. Saga closed his eyes obediently and Tora put something on his lap, “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

Saga gaped and widened his eyes in disbelief when he saw a big Doraemon plushie on his lap. “I thought you might like it because you told me once that you always watch Doraemon when you’re a kid. And I gave you this plushie so you can hold it in your sleep when I’m at work.”

Saga embrace both Tora and the Doraemon plushie. Tora-kun, you’re so sweet! Thank you. It’s very soft, I really like it!

Tora pout as he teased Saga, “But I got a feeling that Doraemon will replace me and you will cuddle him more than me. Oh no, what have I done? I shouldn’t give you the plushie..”

Saga smiled as he put Doraemon aside and wrapped his arms around Tora’s neck. He rubbed his cute nose against Tora’s nose and kiss his lips. Tora playfully licking Saga’s lips, “You taste so sweet, Sagacchi..” he murmured. Saga parted his lips, allowing Tora to explore his hot cavern. Their kiss was so deep and intense when all of a sudden Saga pushed Tora away.

Saga covered his mouth as he let out a soundless sneeze. “Are you alright? Lately you’re coughing and sneezing a lot, Sagacchi. Perhaps we should go to the doctor..” said Tora as he pressed the back of his hand on Saga’s forehead. “I guess you even got a fever.”

Saga smirked as he shook his head. It’s just a cold. Please don’t worry about it, Tora-kun. I’ll make some miso soup with scallions, that’ll help. Tora sighed, “You should sleep early tonight, Sagacchi. Take a good rest, okay? I don’t want you to get sick.” Saga nodded.

“I’m going to work now. Don’t hesitate to text me if you need anything,” Tora hugged Saga tightly, he’d prefer to stay home with him but of course he can’t do that. I’ll be fine, Tora-kun. I have Chickin-chan and Doraemon with me. Be safe on your way there, okay?

Tora sighed as he cupped Saga’s lovely face, “I’ll try to come home early, Sagacchi.” Saga nodded as he smiled beautifully.

After eating his dinner, Saga sit in front of the TV to watch some variety shows. He got terrible headache and nausea so he went to the toilet, vomit everything he ate. Saga panting heavily and sit on the floor.

It took a while before he could stand up and walking slowly to the dining table. He took a deep breath as he wrote something on the notebook. After he finished, he grab the phone and begin to write a text message.


Tora did come home early that evening. “Oy Chickin-chan, don’t make too much noise, okay? Sagacchi must take a good rest,” he whispered to his cat. But unlike usual, Chickin was so jumpy as if something is not right.

“What’s wrong with you? Did you run out of food?” Tora walk to the kitchen to feed Chickin when suddenly he saw a letter on the dining table. A bad premonition begin to cross his mind. With a trembling hand, he took the letter and read it carefully.


There’s not enough words to describe how grateful I am. You gave a new meaning in my life and I’m very thankful for everything you’ve done for me. I’m very sorry that I’m leaving just like that. But I promise we will meet each other again. Maybe even sooner than you think.

Please take good care of yourself and don’t worry about me. I know what I’m doing.





Feb. 19th, 2013 02:08 pm (UTC)
Uhn! I agree!! Tora is a gentleman! He should take care of Saga!! XD

*sobs* Okay..... :(
Feb. 19th, 2013 05:48 pm (UTC)
~wiping your tears~

Nakanaide, Jun-chan. Everything's gonna be alright.
Feb. 19th, 2013 11:38 pm (UTC)
But but but...... *trembling lips, crying more*



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