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Sacred Love (2/2)

Genre : Angst, romance

Pairing : Tora/Saga

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters but I own the plot

Warning : Character death

Summary : Life is unfair and fate can be so cruel. That’s a fact that we can’t change.

Tora burst into their bedroom only to find an empty space, Saga wasn’t there. Without any second thought, he ran outside and calling Saga’s name, searching for him everywhere. But Saga is nowhere to be found.

With unsteady steps, Tora heading back home. He tried to clear his mind and think rationally. What happened, Sagacchi?! Why did you leave me, what have I done wrong?! Tears begin to fall from the corner of Tora’s eyes. I won’t be able to forgive myself if something bad happened to you..

Tora is getting more agitated when he realized that Saga didn’t take any of his clothes or other stuff for his daily needs. God gracious! Sagacchi, why in the world did you only take Doraemon plushie with you, huh?! What the hell are you doing?! Baka!!

He went to the police station to report a missing person and also to every hospitals in Tokyo, asking if there’s any patient match to Saga’s profile. But everything is in vain and Tora is totally clueless. He still can’t believe that Saga is disappeared just like that, vanish into thin air.


There’s not a second goes by without Tora thinking about Saga. How can I sleep or eat properly if I have no idea where you are and keep on wondering if you are safe.. Sagacchi, please comeback to me. I beg you..just comeback.

Tora is a mess. His best friends, Shou and Hiroto were trying to console his anxious heart but nothing seems to help. It’s only Saga’s presence that Tora ever wanted.

“Tora-kun, you must have faith in Saga-kun. He promised that both of you will meet each other again, so be patience. Don’t destroy yourself like this..” said Shou as he patted Tora’s shoulder. “I’m so scared if something bad happened to him. He’s mute, for God’s sake! How will he be able to defend himself?! Chikusho!!” Tora shouted.

Hiroto hugged Tora, “Calm yourself down, Tora-kun. Saga-kun will be sad if he see you like this.. He asked you to take good care of yourself, didn’t he? Then you should do that, don’t disappoint him. I agree with Shou-kun, Saga-kun knew what he’s doing and he will meet you again. Hold on to that, okay?”

Tora sighed heavily, “I knew you’re right. But damn, I miss him badly..”

“I understand and I’m sure Saga-kun miss you too. You’ll see him again, keep that in your mind,” said Hiroto sincerely.


Two weeks later, Tora is about to go to work when suddenly he heard someone knocking the door. He open it and saw a man in his early 30, dressed like a young CEO in some exclusive company.

Konnichiwa, are you Tora-san?” asked the man as he bowed politely.

“Yes. And you are?”

“My name is Murai Naoyuki but you can call me Nao. I’m a friend of Saga-kun and..”

“Saga?! Do you know where he is?!” Tora cut Nao’s sentence before he could finish it. Nao nodded, “Yes. Saga-kun asked me to pick you up.” Without any hesitation, Tora grabbed his coat and locked the door, “Let’s go!”

Both of them sit in the backseat of a black Jaguar XJ when the driver start the engine and drive away. “Nao-san, is Saga alright? Where is he actually? And how did you two know each other?” Tora asked impatiently.

“Saga-kun is safe and sound. We were childhood friends, I was like a big brother for him,” Nao replied without even looking at Tora.

Tora glared at Nao, “If you’re like a big brother for Sagacchi then why did you let him to live alone on the street, huh?! Don’t you care about him at all?!” Nao lowered his head and didn’t say anything.

“Hey, answer me!!” Tora yelled in anger. Nao sighed, “Tora-san, please calm down. I can’t say anything more. Soon you will meet Saga-kun and he will tell you everything you need to know.”

Tora scoffed and decided to say nothing more. It took more than an hour before the car turn left, heading to a blue-painted mansion. Did Sagacchi stay at Nao’s house this whole time? Gosh! You can at least text me..

“We are here. Please follow me, Tora-san,” Nao said as he entered the mansion. There’s an old man standing in the spacious living room. “Tora-san, before you meet Saga-kun, I’d like to introduce you to Fujiwara Kazuhiro-san.” Tora is a bit puzzled but he still keep his good manners so he bow politely and introduce his name.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Tora-san. Do you mind if I called you that?” asked the old man friendly. “No, sir. I don’t mind.” “Saga-kun told me all about you. I would like to thank you personally for everything you’ve done for him. I really appreciate it, Tora-san,” he bowed, making Tora feel awkward.

Nao cleared his throat, “If you’re ready, I’ll take you to Saga-kun.” Tora nodded his head eagerly, “I’m more than ready. Please take me to him, Nao-san.”

Tora following Nao to the first floor of the mansion. They didn’t exchange any words, only the sound of their shoes echoes in the marble hallway. Nao stopped in front of a room with a white door, “You can come inside now, Saga-kun is expecting you. I’ll be waiting downstairs.”

Tora felt nervous and excited at the same time, he can’t wait to see his precious Saga. So he knocked the door and open it. But the wide smile on Tora’s face suddenly disappeared and turned into a shriek.

Saga was lying on the bed with Doraemon plushie next to him, an oxygen mask covered his mouth and nose. His eyes were slowly open when he heard Tora’s footsteps approaching him and his lips curved into a weak smile. Tora swallowed an imaginary lump in his throat, trying hard to keep his tears from falling as he sit on a chair next to Saga’s bed.

“Sagacchi..what happened to you?” Tora asked with quavering voice, “You’re sick, let’s go to the hospital..” Saga shook his head and pointing his finger to the nightstand. Tora saw a blue envelope with his name written on it. “A letter?” Saga nodded as he took a pen and the notebook with his trembling hands.

I’m very happy to see you, Tora-kun.

“Me too, Sagacchi..I was so worried about you. Why did you leave just like that? Did you mad at me?” Tora bite his lips, struggling to muffle his cry.

No, I never mad at you. I have to take care of everything before it’s too late.

“What are you talking about? Sagacchi, don’t scare me like that!” Tora felt chills running down on his spine.

Tora-kun, will you please promise me one thing because this is very important for me. Saga staring at Tora with pleading eyes on his pale face. “Of course I will. I will do everything for you, even giving you my life if you want me too..” he replied with croaky voice.

Promise me you will do everything I asked you to do in that letter. Without any hesitation Tora nodded, “I will, I promise you I will. Now let’s go to the hospital, you will be better there than staying here, Sagacchi.”

Saga shook his head weakly. My doctors are here and you are also here with me. I have everything I need now. Tora-kun, I’m very sorry I can’t go with you to visit your mother.

This time Tora can’t stand it anymore, he burst into tears, “Yes you can! If your doctors are here then they must be able to cure you or I’ll make them suffer! You will be okay and we will always be together! Do you hear me?!” Tora bawled as he holding Saga’s scrawny hand.

They did everything they could, Tora-kun. And I will always be with you, safe and sound in your heart. “Stop saying things like that, Sagacchi! Please don’t leave me, just stay with me forever! I love you very much..” Tora crying and pleading in remorse, cursing the fate for being so cruel to them.

Tora-kun, you’re everything for me. Please don’t forget that. Saga slowly took his oxygen mask off, smiling weakly as his face drained from color. He coughed a bit before he opened his mouth and whispered, “Ai..shi..teru, To..ra-kun..”

His pupils were dilated and the heat emanating from his body soon turned into a gush of ice-cold feel. A final deep intake of breath and a long sound of air being exhaled followed. Saga is gone.

Tora was as still as a rock next to Saga’s lifeless body. He was shocked and it took a few seconds before his brain able to realize what just happened a moment ago. Tora begin to howled like a wounded tiger, his voice echoing within the mansion.

He wailed in sorrow, screaming at the top of his lungs, refused to accept the fact that Saga is dead. The doctors and a nurse were rushing in, followed by Nao and mr. Fujiwara. Nao pulled Tora away so the doctors can do their job but Tora seems to lose his sanity. He kicked around and screamed, his mouth only letting out strangled shrieks of 'Saga!'

But then his vision became blurry and the world around him faded into a black abyss.


Today is Saga’s funeral and Tora standing in front of his coffin, surrounded with dozens of white roses. His mind is wandering around as he watch Saga’s beautiful face for the very last time. Saga looks perfect, his eyes were closed and his lips formed a permanent smile, it’s like that he was just in a deep slumber.

Time goes by so fast and now that you’re gone, leaving me behind..my lovely Sagacchi.

“Tora-san, are you ready?” Nao’s voice interrupted his reverie. Tora nodded and grabbed his guitar. He took a deep breath as he sit next to the coffin. “Sagacchi, I’ll play your favorite song. I wish I can sing it too but I knew I won’t be able to sing properly in this condition..” Tora whispered.

He begin to strumming his guitar and play ‘The Second You Sleep’ perfectly even though tears streaming down his face. His eyes were bloodshot and inflamed as his tears cascaded down his flawless cheek.

The funeral was over and yet, here he was, kneeling down to the ground. Dirt was clinging to his pants and to his shoes, but Tora didn’t care, for all that mattered to him now was his presence – and the utterly deafening silence of the freshly made grave before him.
“Hey..” he muttered, reaching out a trembling hand to the picture on the gravestone, “I’m gonna miss you.” Tora caressed the gravestone as he read Saga’s real name. Sakamoto Takashi..you had a beautiful name, Sagacchi.

“He was a good kid,” suddenly he heard Nao’s voice. “I wish I knew him better..” Tora replied. “Tora-san, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you everything you want to know at that time in the car. It was Saga-kun’s request. He specifically told me to tell you everything I know about him after his death.” Tora staring at Nao with puffy eyes, “Please do..I don’t even know what kind of disease he had. He never told me about himself actually. He just said that he lived alone and he forgot everything.”

“Saga-kun suffered from alveolar capillary dysplasia with misalignment of pulmonary veins, a rare and deadly developmental disorder of the lungs. It’s a genetic disorder and usually kills the infants born with it within the first month of life. We never thought that Saga-kun was able to reach his 19th birthday.”

Nao sighed, “He was the only child of Sakamoto family and his mother passed away when he was 8 years old. His father was the owner of Sakamoto Trading Company with branch office all around the world.”

Tora frowned, “The Sakamoto company?!” Nao nodded, “Saga-kun was very weak when he was a child so he got private tutors from the best teachers in this country. He was a smart kid, very bright and intelligent with good character. He would be a perfect successor for his father. I was his only friend and we knew each other because my father was his father’s lawyer.”

“One year ago, they got a horrible accident and his father died instantly. Since then Saga-kun is traumatized and became mute. His disease is getting worse and one day, he sent me a letter. He wrote that I have to trust him and to respect his last wish. I almost got a heart attack when I read that Saga-kun wants to live like common people so he can find the meaning of his life. He told me not to search for him because he will contact me when the time is come for me to pick him up and bring him home.”

Nao wiped the tears that fell from his eyes, “Crazy, isn’t it? He was gone when I arrived at his mansion and I keep blaming myself. I felt guilty as hell but there’s nothing I can do except to do his last wish. Until two weeks ago, I received a text message from him and I came as fast as I could to pick him up. His condition was bad and he keep on vomiting blood. It was a miracle that the doctors were able to keep his condition stable.”

Tora covered his face with both of his hands as he weeping, “Oh God, if only I knew..I would have brought him to the hospital directly.”

Nao patted Tora’s shoulder gently, “Tora-san, Saga-kun told me that the last 2 months he spent with you is the happiest moment in his life. You were his first love and you made him feel complete. You love him for the way he is, without even knowing his real identity and his disease. It was a pure and sacred love.”

Tora sobbing softly, trying to soothe his mournful heart. “Tora-san, have you read the letter Saga-kun gave you?” Tora shook his head. “I understand, you need some time. This is my card and also mr. Fujiwara Kazuhiro’s card. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about Saga-kun or anything else,” said Nao as he handed him the business cards. Tora accepted the cards and mumbled ‘thank you’.

Back in his apartment, Tora tossed himself on the couch. Chickin jumped on his lap and licking his face, as if trying to comfort his master. Tora patted Chickin’s head gently, “Sagacchi is gone, Chickin-chan. He is in heaven now..” Chickin mewled softly. Tora sighed, this house reminds him of Saga.

I miss you so much, Sagacchi. But I must be strong because I promised to do something you asked me to. He took the blue envelope from his coat, opened the seal and begin to read it with a great sadness in his heart.

My beloved Tora-kun,

I apologize for making you worry and leaving without proper good bye. The truth is, I’m running out of time. But even with my health issues, I still considered myself very lucky because I have you in my life. You protect me, take good care of me and showered me with unconditional love, so pure and honest.

Tora-kun, the days I spent with you were just like dreams, a very beautiful dreams. I didn’t want to wake up but I have to. I wish I could stay with you forever but that’s impossible. But then I knew I will always be in your heart and that what makes me strong.

Tora-kun, I choose you to become my only heir. You will inherit everything I have and become the owner of Sakamoto Trading Company. I have arranged everything and all the documents are already legalized. This is your chance to achieve your dream and become a successful businessman. Nao-kun is my lawyer and Kazuhiro-san is my right hand in the company, they will help you and you can trust them.

I knew I made the right decision and Sakamoto Trading Company will become even more progressive and successful in your hand. You will be a good leader.
I’m so proud of you, Tora-kun and now it’s your time to make your parents also proud of you.

Please be strong, for me, for my parents and for your own parents. I will be your guardian angel and waiting patiently for you until the time is come for us to be together again.

I love you very much, Tora-kun. Forever and always.

Love, hugs and kisses,

Your Sagacchi



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Feb. 19th, 2013 11:47 pm (UTC)
*sits on the corner, weeping silently*
Feb. 20th, 2013 07:39 pm (UTC)
~sitting next to you on the corner & hugging you~
Feb. 21st, 2013 11:38 pm (UTC)
I wanted to read it with calm, so you i apologize for having taken! But here I am, in truth that my heart broke in two,The first chapter which is where the Torah saves to Saga, was so beautiful, all the things that they shared, how happy it felt, and when you gift the Doraemon, i mori of love ♥ Etto, but when she fell ill and then left him that letter, I couldn t believe it, seriously that did not believe it, but after seeing the state and when he dies he Nao and you comment on the entire life of Saga, yes it is sad, but understandable, step two months happiest of his life, beautiful, until the tears, even though death is never easy to carry, Tora never forget. ♥ I loved it!
Feb. 23rd, 2013 11:23 am (UTC)
Witcha, sorry for making you sad. And I'm glad that you like this fic.

^^ I remember that Saga loves Doraemon & he likes to eat everything. Unfortunately the love between Tora & Saga have to end so tragically.

Once again thank you for your support, Witcha.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 1st, 2013 08:41 pm (UTC)
Nonasakamoto, I apologize for making you sad & crying.

I felt terrible that Saga died but life is unfair sometimes, ne?

Thank you for reading my fics ^^
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